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July 20, 2013

Today I met up with a bunch of people who I had not really interacted with for around five or six months.  These are the same people who I knew in my freshman year when I wrote this blog originally, but while the first while was kinda awkward, it was extremely quick to return to the patterns that I had participated in more than three years ago.  I much enjoyed myself and had a fun time talking and sharing stories with these folks that I had not known for months or years.  I have had many sets of friends over the years, but this group is the one that is the easiest group to have deep philosophical and moral discussions.  My current group of friends is one that is easy to play role playing games and card games and such, but is less willing to share their motives and goals and such.  I’m afraid today’s post is going to be short, but the main thing I want to put forth is that the social structures that you build with one group are likely to last for a long time and it will be easy to return to even if you have forgotten much about that time.  Every separate individual or group of people create a separate version of yourself to deal with that person.  By examining what sort of things are consistent between your different selves, it is possible to determine what you actually care about and what you are willing to change for other people.  While this is not a particularly rare idea or anything, it is something that should be kept in mine.  I am typing on a slightly broken keyboard, so I am going to end it here, but I may return to this topic in the future, to expand upon the ideas presented in this post.