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The Fifth Path (29/30)

November 30, 2016

Nabua’s Journal(2) Entry for Adar 25th

The year almost finished. Only five more days before end of last month. Then only five days celebration before turning of year. Strange think less than one year ago left homeland. Seems like forever already. Was on mind recent after get news from campaign. Still fighting there. Anatu has most followers now but Bel hold on tight to own. Not let go and pull out all tricks to keep hold. Fight dirty. Fight painful. Fight long. Hard help with economics or outside influence. Years isolation make people not care. Early appeals dangerous because appeal Hishtu. Seeming well liked by other means less trusted. Reason had to avoid seeming to close Anatu. Has to maintain feel of purity for hardline homelanders. Can not be corrupted by foreigners. Instead simply gained truth and protecting own people. Very strange how minds of many work. Want help getting over hard things but only if help of certain kind. Help too different or help seem too much or not make sense then not trust. All make feel glad not have to deal with each day.

Been asked help with propaganda bit though. Anatu wants push returned goddess angle bit. Creating demonstration with fire and jumping and danger. Like circus that can see in capital but free and apparent origin divine. Not sure about using fake divinity to try counter lying divinity but fun job and for good cause so have been working last few days. Get chance to try knowledge from sages on chemical fire though. Different colors of flame based different ingredients. Certain colors easier but been focusing on few for show. Straight red fire important to make seem very hot. Purple flames add drama. Green flames represent Bel trying to trick people. Then white flame for Anatu. She act as overpowering force. Makes Bel flee. Makes light of Bel seem weak within comparison. Hope is actually provoke Bel. Still hiding other gods. Not reveal have ready to help. Want Bel to commit so can ambush. Need Bel anger though first. Have to mock. Have to tear confidence of worshipers away. Only jealous angry god leave earth to be in striking range.

Good to visit too because get to see Hadia. Some awkwardness first now that have fiancee. Relationship between had change to be no romance. Better now though. Was too young anyway. Nice able to speak with her. She feel like not able help team well. Know do lot for Anatu feelings. Moral very important. Explain best can. Talk about new things learned for me. Talk about new things learned for her. Representatives from Xexan came to help with part of revolution force for bit. Had been able to work well with. Lots of new things talk about. Even talking about landscape be very strange. Xexan people never know desert. Hadia never know mountains.

Xexan group originally group to just meet current leaders but managed intercept before talking current regime many months ago. Able return Xexan an explain change situation. Changing of regime well understood by Xexan though less often overt war between factions. More subtle for them most time. Still conflict be powerful in local place like capital. Just never spread more. Not like homeland conflict now. Least less violent than was for last island. No burning of cities or killing in forests so far. Mostly moving of people. Followers Bel go one place. Converted go different place. Movement between places represent changing attitude. Lots of converts early but stagnated now. Thus need propaganda piece. Would been better maybe for Uras here. Still not want help with though. Says ex-Baals not good to save or rule homeland now. Need remove old structure. Because part of old structure not able really make new. If too important then old structure stick round. Need new people for new system. Understand on principal but think going to hard. Helping with words and ways to speak be very important. Taught all life to convince and speak with people of homeland. If can use training to save people from Bel seems worth even if Bel gave authority to get training first place. Even seem amusing because flip flop for me. But now Uras still stay away.

So revolution continue. Going on though. Early days think only few short months but changed prediction fast. Now thinking years maybe. People minds change slow sometimes. See better world for those accept change then will change self though. Slow adoption much better for many people. Too stubborn to change in one argument or with one show of facts. Have to be lulled over. Have to see everything working over time. So just living good life in area controlled by Anatu does much for efforts. Discussion about folks from outside coming.

Two different thoughts. For many outsiders source of fear. Only contact through bad stories. Think of as not man or false man. Assumptions bad. Now know true land not more true than others and not only small amount of world outside dream then is good change feel about foreigners. But same time also want convert those on fence to side of Anatu. If see dramatic change with many foreigners might cause fear which slow change in other direction. So bringing in people want immigrate be hard. Want let help make homeland strong but fear lead to slow change in traditional thinking people. More important change mind to better place in total or more important make first steps away from false words Bel.

So far Anatu listen to those want be conservative. Immigrants not let do much so far. Need able to earn citizen. Like Hishtu long ago. But better integration. Hishtu second class citizen need stop and not replace by new bad race. Focus different for different places. At edges of border with Bel try show still seem conservative. Make seem like nicer happier better version of same. Further away border then focus on change minds. All lead into each other. Enjoy thinking about. Lots complexity new in last few months. Missed out cause wedding. Very fun but came strange time.

Crew of Mae ship plan event as secret. Not know getting married till day before. Mae not know till hours before. Very well planned. Not give chance to freak out. Know maybe thinking about ahead might been stressful. This way no stress. Just simple calculations. Want spend life with Mae? Yes. Want have nice day and make bonds together next day? Yes. Not have to weigh effort of wedding vs reward because all effort done already. Just want to or not which easy choice. Mae seem like happy as well. Last whole month been kind of vacation post marriage. Crew still around mostly but lots of mysteriously empty ship decks and suddenly empty rooms. Crew really love Mae. Glad able meet expectations for them for her. Would been bad if they think not good enough. Being official Xexan citizen help lot.

Plus many games Xiwan help status lot. Game helped so much. Think about where be without Xiwan then not know. Uras talks about destiny. Or talks now about thinking not destiny. But so many small things need go right for journey work. Whole travels decided by simple board game at least once. Other small things. Feel like only destiny let so many lucky things in row. Maybe just lucky. Guess lots extreme unlucky in many places too. Lots of unlikely events both good and bad. Life like epic songs and tales of adventure. But suppose looking at backwards. Unlikely lives happen. Just more likely such lives get recorded in stories. Not story that make things more likely be unlikely but unlikely things make more likely become story. Strange idea for fiction in some ways but powerful. Games and stories tell so much.

Self reflection only go so far though. Have to look at future and other events outside own life and lives of friends often. World shifted in recent months in different ways. Learned many in post wedding travels to many different islands. Seems cyclone that saved from Green Sea also tore up much of Green Sea. Many more paths through in recent times. In months since then trade across Green Sea been much improved. This affect many things. Bring world together. More knowledge of Xexan outside Green Sea area. Lots of culture trade between west and east.

Speaking of west. Agaan cults seem to be in flux. Consolidated control over large area of islands. Capturing and converting all in area. But now different factions in area make less like one group. Still dangerous around Agaan area. Convert or slave labor usually still choice for new people. Or more like convert and slave labor or do not convert and worse slave labor. One big fear is Agaan expanding towards homeland. With civil war island in position weakness. If Agaan think can defeat homeland while in split situation might try and do so. Could also serve unite Agaan again to have focus of efforts. Potential reverse too. Maybe Anatu draw many to side by being effective general in conflict. Seem like could work out well if attack happen. But think attack will happen likely. If not from Agaan side then something will attack it. Because disrupting trade routes now. When boats not able to stop without being converted and stolen then ships either need protectors or sudden navy. But many islands not have good navy. Ships need lots of wood. Many islands not have lot of wood. Homeland is full of it but not in situation to build big navy now. Maybe other culture near will try fight. Hard though because islands tend be independent. Because Agaan united at least for now it is stronger than any one other island. Need create coalition of nearby islands to oppose together.

Seems like idea of island coalition against Agaan not new idea. When visiting islands near Agaan have many complaints about expanding empire of Agaan and defenses of islands from such thing. When common discussion and complaint then in public mind and much easier to enact. Again wish Uras was not giving up on this kind of thing. He traveled wide and knows how to negotiate. Able to unite different island perhaps together. Because foreign from each island then not think has favorite. Would do self but not good with speaking or negotiating. Not have status to talk with kings and rulers. Uras thinks not have for self either but loss of status mostly in own head and not true for much of world. Even if not Baal any more he still one that negotiate with many islands and reached agreements.

Being kind of ambassador might be good job for Uras. Can help old land without having to live there again since determined to keep Baal bloodline away. Also likely not want to fight brother.

Main opponent of Anatu has been Usil brother eldest and Usil brother twin. Not want to lose power of Baal. Together with priest been doing much to counter slow conversion to new ways. Dangerous because of history of power for Baal and because training during youth. Baals have much skill in convincing population things.

So many different things going on. Exciting be back to help out with things after period of sort of being alone with Mae. Very lucky Mae likes travel and good at finding jobs in all places. Only able travel so far because Mae ship can take. Been more like merchant than pirate lately though. Only piracy been against Agaan ships few times. Easier to pirate Agaan ships many times because when fight starts half of crew switch sides. So many unwilling converts means that chance to fight can be dangerous. Wonder what process to convert is. Has to be very public if being forced. Wonder if private if not forced.

Many interesting things in world now. Excited to be able to change things bit. Though not like Uras or Anatu. Still making difference now. Glad travels continue even after end.