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The Fifth Path (26/30)

November 28, 2016

Nabua’s Journal(2) Entry for Av 8th

Too much of a good thing. Be careful what you wish for. Phrases heard many times. Never really understood till now. Tried start mutiny in crew of ship was on to save orphans. Succeeded. Then accidentally started full scale revolution on island of orphanage. Crazy civil war. Things beyond bizarre. Stuff never seen before. Battle viscous and bloody. Little mercy. Lots of death. Fight between men and women but also beasts too. Not quite understand how or why started. Have short time to write before have to fight more. Will try to assemble thoughts. Want to figure out how all came to pass. Maybe saw companions on battlefield. Not sure. Do not know if on same side or not. All is chaotic. This island is mad. Start from beginning.

Crew prepares to sneak onto island. Will be raiding orphanage. Taking items from them. Unclear what exactly. Saw those around. Not good at faces but still saw many look sad. In time before when tension is going up and all thinking of crazy knife guy that killed so many then talk to some that looked most sad. Ask if want to risk everything to steal from kids. Tell think captain tricked us. Not what we signed up for. Raiding civilization and raiding orphanage different. Plus islanders scary. Throw knives too fast. Move too fast. Not want to hurt kids. Seem like maybe good guys. Fill hearts and minds with doubt. Never really talked someone to something before. Kinda makes feel bad even though think good outcome. Like tricking even if think maybe better choice them too. Glad not have to do most time. But works. Those talk to then talk to other. When captain say move out everything go dark. All in charge of light be on revolt side. In darkness attempt to take captain before any conflict with rest of crew. If him dead then maybe rest of crew see no reason fight can get out with no bloodshed. Captain quick react though. Assassin not able to kill only wound. Shouts that islanders attacking. Everything goes crazy. No one knows who is who. Try to get lights back but hard. Lights on ground. People not knowing who with and who against. Tight hold of ship become filled with grappling and stabbing and cutting. Screams in dark. Bits of light illuminate grisly scene. Try not to get stabbed. Almost succeed. Light stabbing all things considered. Want revolt side win but really just want to make escape and get onto island not as raider. Use confusion to sneak off. Only little bit of bleeding from stab in leg. Move with limp. Think of next move.

Decide go to orphanage. Drag self to door. Knock. Door cracked open. Worried looking person peeks out. Must have heard some of screaming from boat. Try several languages fast as can. Able to understand one. Explain raid coming on orphanage. Tell that some trying to stop raid but that might not able to. Say got stabbed defending orphanage. Say felt like could not let children hurt. Not actually lies. Still feel bad. More manipulation. Person sees stab wound. Hesitates but lets in.

Dark inside. Taken to room to lie down. Person leaves me for moment. Comes back with child who starts washing out wound and fixing me up. Person lights lamp in corner of room. Interesting light source. Seems to run on oil. Seen few like it on journey but rare. Never seen attached to wall before. Require lots of oil and lots of glass made in specific shape. Wonder if this room special or if every room has own light source. With light able to see kid. Pretty adorable even while cleaning blood from stab wound. Very young. Ask about languages to person that let in. Says most kids only know local language though some know one or two others. As get older try and teach second language to ones know island language only. Girl knows two though. Before orphan family spoke two languages. Language one know little bit. Thank child in language. Gives me nervous smile then finishes bandaging up and runs from room.

Talk with orphanage worker. Speak about defending from attacker if revolt not win. Says will go get locals help defend. Nod. Say will do best hold down position till return. Looks at leg and face with suspicion. Shakes head then goes out. Hobble around bit. Find candle and light with lamp. Look around. Do not try to climb stares so only see bottom floor. Each room has lamp. Very impressive. Kids must stay upstairs cause no beds or kids seen down here. Find few different doors out. Make sure to bar and lock all that can figure out how. Find kitchen. Eat little bit bread. Drink water from basin. Wait back in room where got treated. Hear sound of whispers from upstairs. Whispers sound same in every language. Must be kids talking about strange guy downstairs. Consider trying go up. Decide not good idea. Just scare kids and hurt leg. So wait instead. Short time passes. Hear kids creeping downstairs slowly. Step by step. Step by step. Make sure not stare at staircase. Let kids keep creeping. Think maybe got bravery come down but then interrupted.

Orphan watcher return with many men and women to help defend. Leader seem to be young man. Shakes hand. Asks many questions. Gets people organized and prepared. Listen and wait for attack. Hope not come because that mean people tricked not dead because trick. Feel bad if died because me. Hear running outside. Frantic knocks on door. Watcher panics but young guy says to answer. Has me able to see out door when opened. See faces out window. Captain and woman loyal to. Wonder what happened captain wife and kids. Probably OK. Shake head at young man. Man orders attack. Group bursts from hiding. Captures captain. Kill woman. Three injured on our side. Tie captain down but still treat wounds. Then lock in room for little boys with thick door. Have discussion with people. Seems like running from something. So must be revolt won. Feel good. Still probably lot dead. But better than all.

After time of no more encounter people calm down. Late at night so decide all stay together here. Young man leader ask about me. Start to tell story. Early on face gets strange expression. Interrupts to ask questions. Asks about Uras and Anatu. Asks about homeland and Bel. Asks about old legends and our quest. Asks about path taken here. Shakes head. Laughs strange laugh. Not funny laugh. More like too excited or horrified. Not understand. No part of story told so far when stopped be too exciting or scary. Leader wakes people up. Has me repeat parts of story again and again to different people. Talks in island language. Not follow well but able to understand kinda. Seem to be giving information then giving orders. Some very happy. Others very seem somber. Some argue loudly. Others listen in silence. Some very big facial changes. Very surprised. Others make not expression. All march out after finished listening. When finished turns back me. Tries explain.

Hard to follow explanation. Kid jumps around. Seems too excited. Talks about destiny. About freeing someone from someone else to complete my quest. Says be best with Uras but that I can do. Says time of living under burden is near end, Talks of end times of new world order. Speaks of magical things becoming real. Maybe crazy person. Eyes look crazy. Also determined. Many crazy people determined though. Was in on situation now though. Even if not understand had to follow through. Know very few people so have to rely on those around.

Go to sleep. Meet with orphans next morning. Get to know kids and play with. Also many not kids together at orphanage though. Wearing colored armband. See weapons gathered. Some recognize but some not. But enough to not be coincidence. Not hunting expedition. Not random drop off of weapons. Orphanage become hub for kind of revolution. Seemed to be following along with me lately. Did not try start this one. Seem to be cause though. Or something in story did. Only thing makes sense. Something in first few bits of story provoked revolution. Obviously mostly there already. Had to just be spark. Not know what was though. Try to ask but leader act coy. Says will see.

As night approach people gather. Many more than night before. Overrun inside orphanage. Have to meet outside. Leader gives speech in local language. Then tells me battle to finish my quest starts. Follow along with army. No idea if on right side or if good or bad but end up following anyways. Strange experience. Mood seemed jovial for bit. Then get very somber and quiet after few minutes. Then something spotted. Large building.

Fighting. Miss most of it because in back. But bloody and painful sounding. Break into building then kill people inside. Then light whole thing on fire. Became signature in next days. Burn lots of buildings. Cannot describe all different things after this. Many buildings. First just like murder. Break in then kill then burn. Then after first few there is fighting back. Guards for buildings. Then counterattacks on this group. Raids from others attacking people am with. Lots of death. Many use of thing like hand cannon but smaller. Faster to shoot. Very dangerous. Fights blur together. Look for patterns.

Notice much breaking and burning of certain statues. Pass by many buildings without burn but any time see statue of woman with five heads then burn down and break building. Ask about woman but refuse talk. Say name gives power to. Better to kill and not talk. Realize from things seen and stuff over days that revolution spread. Groups like this all over island. People who hate five headed woman fighting those that like. Still not know who is right. Know nothing about woman or people really. But dragged along and sometimes asked to speak. Always just to tell the story of the journey. Over time able to see parts of story that cause most reaction. Describing quest of Uras always get very strong shouting. Talking about Bel makes reaction. Rest of story result in some shouting and enjoy but two main things. Bel and quest cause reaction. Could be some strange cult of Bel that ended up here? Not really make sense. Do not follow any of Bel commands. Do not chant Bel name. Do hear chanting of some words. Not know if names or just words.

Battles get bigger. Getting close to cities. In chaos of battle think see someone that maybe Uras on far side of battle. Try to get close but battle too intense. Able to reach spot but long gone then. Later think see Anatu. Could be crazy though. Try not to get stabbed during fights. Mostly in back not fighting but still have to sometimes. Crazed fanatic tried to kill me and shouted something. Get told not to speak it when repeat so must be five headed woman name. Do not believe in power gained by speech or writing. And none can read in code journal. But whole situation is crazy. Not want to push luck so wait tell name till after conflict. Sounds familiar. All things feel like on edge of understanding. Camp on edge of city tonight.

See brightness up close. Still not understand. Glass things like lamps but no oil and too bright. No flame just light. Able to ask about. Every city has large thing in center. Like temple but filled with smoke and noise. From smoke temples come many long strings of metal. Strings cause pain and death if touched but cause magic too. Can make things glow or move. Smoke temples sound like engine almost but very big. Using engine for magic seems strange. Tomorrow get to see up close. Get to experiment maybe. Tomorrow attack city.