The Fifth Path (20/30)

Nabua’s Journal(2) Entry for Tammuz 5th

Uras came in clutch. Tried to figure out way to get Anatu out of situation but could not find way. But Uras did. Maybe should have seen it too. More of people thing though. Not my area. Will explain. Was fight. Very cool. Or at least others seemed think so. Just people swinging things at each other and dodging in armor. Lasted way too long. Seemed to be more dramatic than life should be. Lots of times one side seemed to win then other would pull out new trick. Taunts and insults and counter taunts. Afraid at first that would result in Anatu getting arrested to but then realized was Battle and could not be trumped by Leadership. Insults can not be prosecuted in a fight. Our girl won. No surprise. At least to me. Everyone else went crazy. Guess he was bigger and stronger and more used to fighting in plate. But our girl was defending her Baal and angry and faster. Was not worried about outcome. Uras talks. I explain things. Anatu fights. Never expect those things to fail. After done with fight and crown guy recovered we moved to wedding. All very dramatic. Lots of music.

Was ceremony that lasted long time. During ceremony Uras released. Rushed to place of marriage. Talked to me for bit. Near end of ceremony question about any problems. Uras steps up. Captures rooms attention. Specifically seems to be talking to one of other two rulers that not triple crown guy. Talks about whole situation. Talks about him winning then prince guy finding weird rule to try and stop. Then talked about finding way to deal with by fighting. Then prince guy finding way to try and counter by using other weird rule. We sorta able to counter that by accepting marriage and then Anatu managed to win fight but we still end up losing out because of weird rule. Talks about how we came as foreigners hoping to negotiate with the noble and just people of island. Talks about the five virtues. Talks about how obscure rules do not seem so much to be leadership or battle or love or sport or craft. Then pulls final straw. Explains that all of this seems to him a bit unsportsmanlike. Gives knowing look to ruler of sport. Evil grin. Backs up Uras. Everyone goes crazy.

Prince dude tries to argue way out. Tries to use obscure rule again. No one wants to hear it. Everyone decided lost both leadership and battle and now does not deserve love either. Crowd sets upon him tearing his clothes and taking his crown and kicking him out of town. Companions offered crowns but turn down saying have to keep traveling. Huge contest to determine three new open seats. We stay to watch beginning but decide we should probably go. Lots of people been using obscure rules for power and now we managed to make no respect for use. Probably lots of angry people want revenge. So skip town. Already had agreement before jail. Get on boat and get out of town. Anatu managed to keep plate mail wedding dress thing. Helmet kind of bent because at end of fight took off to bludgeon ex-prince guy into unconsciousness. Still incredibly useful. Dangerous to wear on boat though. Have to store for emergency.

Journey continued. Had four out of six needed signatures. Only month four out of twelve. On track to get to try and make real new journey. One more island culture that in other journals. Past that is unknown completely. No one from true lands ever gone further. According to popular belief we are close to edge of world. Dream starts to break down. Things stop making sense. Sky and sea and earth all mix together as the dream ends and the nothing of madness begins. Say even great monster fear to travel beyond the edge of known world. Very excited.

Ask girlfriend about place beyond next island. Says she knows not. Has not traveled much outside Green Sea. Most of experience in that world. Only been outside few times. This her forth trip outside of it. Guess not outside. Does not make full circle. But first time either north or west of it. Says crew content now but might not be soon if go too far. Might mutiny if things start get strange. Concerning. Not want leave captain behind. Like to travel with. But quest is beyond edge of world. Will have to make choice. Not easy. Been dream to pass edge though. Will have to treasure time now because may end soon. Think she knows too. Very nice time together last few days.

Trouble on sea after leaving Adroth. Clouds gather. Air feels weird. Almost soft. Wind not move very fast. Things turn dark before night because clouds blot out sun. Then things glow. Ship seems like on fire. Peoples hair stands on end. Glowing bits of fire and fast moving light. Freaks pirates out. Heard of before. Really cool to see. Lightning later. Strikes mast but does not hurt it really. Small fire. Easy to put out. Thunder. Everyone huddles together. Fear and wonder. Most can not sleep. Next day clouds clear bit but have rough winds. Everyone cranky because of last night fear and little sleep. I OK. Lots of yelling and arguments. Girlfriend says next island is last. Can not take crew further. Had to promise to return after next to placate crew. Nod. Next island is next day. Last night together on ship. It was nice.

Arrive on next island. Dropped off with all stuff. Baal wants to argue but not let him. Just shake head and understands. Instead thanks captain. Hugging all round. No tears but closest been since child. Goodbye Mae.

Had to turn attention to new island quickly. No time for reminiscing. Port town very small. Residents very tall. Skin seems grey. Short blonde or white hair. Dark eyes. Speak few words of trade language but do not seem to like talking. Able to convert some supplies to local currency. Learn about leader. Back to normal after all weird leader styles. Just one leader. Passes down by blood or sometimes by being overthrown. Only problem is no palace. No house. Island big and wide but few resources in each place. Leader travels with big convoy around island constantly. Many tribes nomads. Ones that nomads rely on nomads for trade for different things. Only two or three towns on island able to survive without support. Leader makes sure all villages surviving OK. Takes from prosperous towns and gives to ones that need extra help. Could be anywhere now. Usually visits port town five or so times each year. Been about month. So not close likely. If want agreement need to find. Good thing lots of time left.

Only first Baal ever been to island before. Went out alone. Crew and companions were sick. Stayed on boat. Met with leader and formed friendship. Felled some mighty beast together or something. First Baal did not bring journal with him to island. Only wrote afterwords about this place and only a little. Seemed to really appreciate it. Seemed a bit changed though. Journal had many less words after visiting this place. Before can set out big problem is all stuff. Without boat to leave with is very dangerous. Too much to take with us. No one to trust with this much valuables. Make mistake and tell Baal about first Baal. Makes executive decision after only few moments. Anatu and I stay with stuff and guard. Uras goes alone to meet leader. Anatu tries to argue. First time seen Baal disagree with her in long time. Departs little while later after getting small amount of supplies. Anatu angry. Does not talk to me. Maybe blame for telling story. Job to tell info. Can not blame for that.

Now had to figure out where to stay. No inn in town. Not big enough. Even getting food hard. Manage to find family can pay to cook for us. Able to find empty shed can rent to hold stuff and sleep. Can see people watching as we move stuff. Know we have to guard or will be gone in instant. Understand. Seems like too much. Especially after going into house of family that cook. Have almost nothing. Anatu and I can only leave shed one at time. Spend most of time sitting together in dark in shed or outside in light. Finally starts talking to me after few hours of this. Nothing to do but talk.

Tells me story of childhood. Very poor as child. More things than people here but think maybe status wise worse. Lots of brothers and sisters. Have to start working very young. Does not want to do girl jobs. Gets brothers to take her with them for their jobs. Has to learn to fight. Gets beat a lot when very small. Talented though and gets better of people later. Baal travels through town. Has female guard. Becomes idol of Anatu. Talks to her. Learns what need to do to become. Saves up money from jobs. Travels to capital to enroll in school. Learns fighting but also learns about life in city. Lies deception court things. Gets betrayed few times by others in same job. Focuses on being best at fighting. Focuses on loyalty. Manages to make it by just being best. Gets job in palace. More intrigue. Tries to stay out of. Glad to get a chance to leave city. Wanted to be in capital and escape life of poverty. Wanted to serve the Baals. Wanted to raise status. But not like the backstabbing of city. Wanted to do job and not more. Chance to do that out here. Makes sense.

Had not known came from very poor family. Assumed grew up in city. Try to tell my story. Hard for her to understand. Does not really believe Hishtu treated badly in homeland. Likes and trusts me now but think am exception. Has same beliefs that make hard for us in homeland. Want to explain but not really know how. Thought maybe having seen so much would give perspective. Must be different for her. Outlands and homeland different places and different rules for her maybe. Makes feel kinda depressed. So much change but still so much the same. If even her after being out here can not see problem what of others back home. Worth to go back? Or have to go back to try change? Remember hallucination about flames. Really stuck with me. Want to help share the light. Help others to see and grow. But out here or back home?

Night not restful. Keep hearing noises. People keep tapping on outside. Keep trying to look inside. Had to shout at someone who tried to climb on roof. Even when people not close still hard to sleep. Sometimes people throw rocks at building. Large birds land on roof and make noises. Rats and bugs crawl around inside building and make noises. Get very little sleep. Not feel good in morning. Anatu slept better somehow. Would have thought been more paranoid but seems was confident could deal with anything actually try and get in or take something.

Day much like day before. Lots of sitting around. Clouds gone today so very hot during day. People not go outside. Some people try and get us to let them inside to get out of heat. Have to turn them away. Children come to point at us and ask us for food. Do not have food except what get from family which not that much but kids not believe. Saw all stuff and think means have lots of food too. Sometimes kids fun to talk to but sometimes annoying. Manage to take nap during day to get rest not get at night. No idea when Uras returns. Anatu goes out to find us water. Says something about hunting. Wait. Write.


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