There came some pirates from space…

A Cleffa, A Beldum, a Rock-ette

A dozen lil robots in sockets

The traveled very far

From a moon, to a star

And all with no cash in their pockets


These travelers made use of a star map

Its coordinates all made up by Snorlax

It did not explain

That one should refrain

From sailing too close to the tar trap


The pirates of tar trap are well known

They collect all the treasure in their zone

They always are happy

Their comebacks are snappy

Never afraid cept of one of their own


The Captain of Tar Traps called Jack

She’s a Golduck who’s graces might lack

But you never expect

Often forced to reflect

After she makes you a fool with Attract


The Cleffa, Mr. Beldum, MISS Rock-ette

They whirl round the sun in an orb-ette

They watch not their scanners

Their ship filled with yammers

The lil bots be askn’ if they there yet?


Aboard Jack’s main cruiser they soon spot

The pink thrust and the ships lil’ robots

They plan an attack

Then are taken aback

When the Cap tells um fight they will not


The ship filled with Psyducks all wonder

What had stolen their prized cap’ns thunder

What could possibly cause

The Captain to pause

And to make such a terr-ible blunder


Nettle’s crew continued their strollin’

Through stargates and black holes they rollin’

The Beldum unknowing

He’d caused this on-going

Cause a pirate Capn’s heart he’d stolen


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