Return of the Blogger

Greetings.  I have not posted in quite a while, which seems like a bit of a pattern for me, but similar to my long blast of posting I did a few years ago, I am planning on posting every day for the month of July.  I may continue after July if I am having fun, but for the month of July I will be posting every day.

As you may or may not be aware, I currently live in Tanzania, on the island of Pemba.  I am currently a Peace Corps Volunteer who teaches Math and Computer Studies to the students of a local government school in Tanzania.  I started a separate blog for the purposes of documenting and discussing that part of my life, which can be found here.  Blog posts related to my service and to the country of Tanzania in general will be going on that blog, so if I don’t post on here one day, I probably posted over there.

My current plan is to post different sorts of posts depending on the day of the week.  On Mondays I will be posting on my other blog about philisophical stuff about living in anohter country and adapting to another culture.  On Tuesdays, I will be posting something informative or instructive concerning tabletop role playing games.  On Wednesday I will be posting on my other blog about the language I use in my every day life here.  On Thursday I will be posting something about programming or computer science.  On Friday I will be telling some form of anecdote about my time in Tanzania,  On Saturday, I will be posting something creative, like a short story or a poem or something.  Finally, on Sundays I will post something, no idea what currently, could be anything.  These are of course subject to change.

Hope this goes well and you enjoy my content.  Talk to you soon.


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