Day 4

With today’s additions, I feel that I could call this game complete.  It now provides a mildly enjoyable experience based on resource management, running away from zombies and shooting them.  Basically what I implemented today was a targetting system in which you choose which zombie to shoot at, a nerf gun and the nerf darts.  It is now possible for you to fight the zombies by stunning them with Darts.  There is a finite supply of darts, and so in order for you to keep shooting zombies, you need to keep picking up your darts.   Another change that occured today was the way that movement works.  You now pivot with the left and right arrows and move forward or backward with the up or down arrows.  The num pad meanwhile lets you look in a direction that you are not facing. 

Here is a screenshot of my newest version.  The zombie with a purple square is currently targeted.  The little blue and orange specks on the ground are nerf bullets, and the menu area keeps track of which barrels have what kinds of bullets loaded, and which barrel is currently the active one.


While the game is sort of complete, there are still many features that I want to implement before I feel like it will be acceptable.  I would like to add in three or four more kinds of nerf guns to the game. I would like to implement a stat system.  I would like to implement running as something being different than walking.  I would like to improve the zombie ai.  I would like to add a hearing system.  I would like to add a way to generate text in the menu that is not dumb.  Anyways, I still have several more days, so I should be able to get a lot of that done.  


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