2nd Day Update

Did not get a whole lot done today.  Last night I got the map generator done and then got a quest generator finished that tells you where your classes are and lets you win the game after you have been to all of them.  

Today I did some bug fixes on what I got done yesterday, implemented the ability to move diagonally and made it so that the game keeps track of the direction you are facing.  Little actual work got done, but I finished a tvshow I had been watching today and also just got the last expansion to Twilight Imperium in the mail, so I was a bit distracted.  Tomorrow I hope to implement both the vision system, making it so you can only see in the direction you are looking, and a basic zombie and nerf gun system done so the game will have a bit of a challenge to it.  Some of what I did today lays the framework for the vision system, and I got a good bit of structural work done so hopefully tomorrow will be more successful. 


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