7 Day Rogue Like Challenge

Hey all.  Its been a while since I posted.  I finished my novel in november and have been running my daily pokemon pbp since then which has about 25 active players.  Updating because I am working on a new project, and I figured telling people about it and such would help keep me motivated.  

I will be programming a rogue-like game in python.  I started today and will be finished by the end of Saturday.  I don’t recall if I ever wrote a post about rogue-likes before, but if I did not I will right a post about them once I a have finished up this week.  Expect updates and such here.

Anyways, I have finished the map generator for my rogue like so far and can actually run around and go inside buildings and such.  The theme of this rogue like is HvZ and I will be attempting to simulate the feel of that game as much as possible in a turn based environment.  

Here is a screen shot of what I have going on thus far

ImageAnyways, wish me luck and hopefully I will have some cool stuff to show off in the upcoming days.  



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