Pokemon X/Y

Tomorrow, or I guess today is the release date for Pokemon X and Y, the newest pokemon games.  This generation is changing a lot of things up, with Mega Evolutions, Fairy Type, New types of Battling, Fully 3D battling and a bunch of other stuff.  I will be purchasing pokemon X tomorrow, along with a 3DS, and it will likely be consuming a large amount of my time.  I will still be posting, but expect my posts to be colored by me spending more than half my time playing pokemon.  

Pokemon in all its many incarnations and forms has been a fairly large part of my life since I first found out about it on a family trip.  I have watched hundreds of episodes of the tv show, collected hundreds of cards, logged over a thousand hours on the video games, spent many nights reading about and discussing it on the internet, and more recently have dedicated a significant fraction of my time to playing the rpg.  The wold of pokemon has always fascinated me and I expect to be pulled back in tomorrow.  

I suppose at this point I can not really make much of an objective statement about pokemon considering the sheer amount of time and thought I have put into it, but I will say this.  The world is great, the ideas are fun and the games are fun.  For those who have never done much with pokemon I suggest playing any of the video games.  For those who have played the game or the card game or watched the show than I suggest reading the manga and playing the rpg.  If you have done all of those things, then send me a message so we can play some PTx together some time.  


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