Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #14

This post is going to be fairly short, as it is sort of late and I actually have to wake up tomorrow at a specific time.  

I’m going to talk about a few things that I forgot about that had happened earlier in the campaign.  

One thing of interest was something that happened just after the changeling character returned.  As it turned out there had been a whole side adventure that he and I had planned to play out that never happened, and his character had lost all his memories and stuff, but anyways, around that time, the level disparity between various characters began to get pretty large, so I took a kind of obscure trick out of the Dungeon Master’s Guide and had them encounter a portal to the dimension of frogs.  Frogs are the lowest challenge rating opponent in the Monster Manuel, in fact they have no damaging attacks.  As it turns out, there is a rule that players no longer receive experience from fights once they are 7 levels higher than the creature they are fighting.  Basically I gave them infinite frogs to fight, which brought them all up to level eight with no risk.  Eventually the portal to the frog dimension started to close, so naturally some of the players tried to jump into the closing portal.  The only one of them to succeed was the Elf’s animal companion, a badger.  Said badger was now lost forever in the dimension of frogs and canonically it later became a god, which the players tried to summon on a few different occasions.  

Going back to where I had left off in the story, the character of the young child possessed by a demon is worth his own little bio.

Greg:  A nine year old child who was the son of the captain of an airship that the party attacked.  Detected as evil when the paladin randomly detected evil on all of the captured folks.  Turned out to have sacrificed his sister in a well in order to gain demonic powers.  Would be played by a few different players who only played for a session or two.  His father had told him to wait until he was older and then betray the party by killing there kids or something.  Would become the nemesis of Amarakus, though this was a bit of a one sided hatred, with Greg never really disliking Amarakus all that much.  

Also of note, the airship raid that resulted in the capture of the human airship was one that had been filled with much delaying on various parts.  For some reason Amarakus had been in charge of starting the sky pirates assault and he had intentionally dropped the sword he was supposed to swing, flying down to catch it and going through a number of other attempts to make the fight not happen.  Eventually the more bloodthirsty members of the party forced his hand however and the fight resulted in the capture of the humans and their gold.  

I’ll actually advance the plot next campaign log, I promise.  


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