Humans Vs Zombies, a Retrospective

As I mentioned in the previous post, the nominal reason I have skipped about a week of posting was because of the Humans vs Zombies game that was going on at my campus.  It was a combination of spending a lot of time playing that game and just needing a break from blogging every day that made me decide to have a hiatus, but I should be back and ready to rock and roll now.  My first post will be about the various events and fun things that occurred during this game of hvz.  

The first thing of note was that our campus made a few changes to the game this year, the most notable of which was the removal of a game element called the OZ or original zombie.  In a traditional game of Humans Vs Zombies, on the first day, there is a single zombie that looks like a human, and one has to be very careful of the other players as any of them could be the OZ.  Depending upon the campus, you would have to either question everyone you met, or shoot them with your nerf gun every ten minutes in order to keep them stunned and unable to tag you.  We decided that this was an unnessasary element in the game, because it generally created bad feeling in those who were tagged by the OZ and also led to those humans who were tagged being left on there own, because the OZ did not want to be figured out and would not want zombies hanging out with him or her.  By simply starting with a number of starter zombies, that were typical and unhidden, it made the horde more cohesive and gave everyone a chance to fight against the zombies, and not just get killed by someone they though was a friend.  

Another element of this game, that was notable only on a personal level, was my choice to eschew traditionally good guns and use two weapons that are rather bad but a lot of fun.  One such gun is the Centurion, a four or five foot long blaster with a two or three foot long draw.  Even though the gun and its amunition are enormous, they don’t really fly much further than any other blaster, and it only holds six shots at once.  That combined with the fact that it takes almost a second to cock the gun between shots makes it a truly impractical weapon.  The other weapon I used was the Diatron.  Said gun is a disk launcher that shoots two bullets at once.  It is quite horrible to reload, and burns through ammunition twice as fast, though it does have the advantage of spread fire.  Its cocking mechanism is also on only one side of the gun, so it can largely be used exclusively in the right hand.  All in all both weapons were pretty terrible.  Still, because of my training in Vigil and my general attitude towards the game, I was more successful in killing zombies than most people playing the game, and it was not until noon that I got killed and that was only after I had called the horde to my location and told them how and where I was going to be moving for an hour.  The battle went pretty well, with me eventually being betrayed by a sign post and joining the horde half way through the first day with a smile on my face.  

After that I got down to the business of eating people.  At that I was reasonably successful, ending up halving the fourth largest number of kills in the game, but my greater contribution was in leadership.  Their were a number of capable zombies who could lead the horde, and when they were around I deferred to them, but as I had no job and no classes, I was able to be out there the entire day and lead the horde when others were in class or what have you.  

Because of my and others leadership, and due to the earlier mentioned new ability to keep the horde together in the beginning of the game, the zombies were able to take out key human targets during the first few days, and by the end of the second day most of the human leadership was gone.  With strong zombie cohesiveness and low human morale, the horde grew rapidly and the moderators of the game had to change many of the missions to make them harder for zombies and easier for humans.  In some cases this made the game less than fun, but in general the horde at least had a lot of fun, and were eventually victorious over the humans, though only by a small margin.  

As far as the game went as a whole, it started out strong and ended strong.  The missions were too short for the most part and the humans too cowardly, but the game was largely a good one and a lot of people had fun.  We’ll be having a one day game soon and I hope to have a lot of fun in that as well.  If you ever hear about a game of humans vs zombies happening in your community, I encourage you to participate, and if there does not exist one, I urge you to create one, because its an amazingly fun game that lets you meet people, chase people and shoot people in a fun and mildly competitive environment.  


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