Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Log #13

So, in several of the previous posts I had promised to explain all of the political mumbo jumbo that was going on in the location that they were headed.  Basically, there were two floating continents that were not on each others good sides and were thinking about going to war.  The King, ie the guy who had set the party on this whole big quest thing did not want the to go to war, because if they did, the various militarys would give their leaders ember powers instead of giving it to the king.  The King felt he needed their power however, as the big battle with the dark one was going to start soon and more power is better for ultimate climactic fight things.  Anyways, one of the two continents was fairly reactionary and fairly boring.  It would only fight if the other side attacked it.  The other continent however had an exceedingly complicated political system that might or might not decide whether the war was going to happen or not.  

Alright, so first of all, the system was broken up into seven different regions.  The region that had ultimate control however was the elf region.  Their was a royal line, and an Emperor or Empress that had to be from that line.  The current emperor was very old an kinda senile and was expected to die soon.  When he died, one of his heirs would take his place.  Which heir exactly would be decided by the High Priest of the national religion however.  As it so happens however, the current high priest had gotten herself kicked out, and the country was in the process of electing a new one.  Each province had one elector, who could vote for the new high priest.  Long story short, I wanted the party to travel to different regions, earning votes from various electors so that they high priest that they chose could then pick the right heir so that the two countries would not go to war.  Needless to say, this did not actually happen, though I still got a lot of usefulness out of the whole system.  

Anyways, as it turns out, the ship that the party had robbed was owned by one of the province leaders who had been planning to use the gold to help finance the war.  The party got a bounty put on their head and all was well with the world.  The kid that they had kidnapped was psuedo possessed by a demon that he had gotten powers of in exchange for throwing his sister in a well.  The party ended up going to an island filled with magic demom wells and talking with a man who started every sentance with, “Well, you see,” and Kalin ended up getting partially possessed for a while again.  Eventually they made it to their destination, a mini continent that was technically one of the seven provinces of the interesting continent but ended up having a lot more to do with the country they wanted to go to war with than it did with its own country.  Anyways, they got shot out of the sky, attacked by knights controlling a fire elemental and the changeling was killed, punched to death by the burning fists of the fire elemental.  The party ended up surrendering, but getting out of the battle alright by trading several boxes of their stolen gold away.  Then they had a short confrontation with a phoenix and the next section of the story began.


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