Kinda brain dead today, so today’s post is just going to list five different anime that I think are worth watching and brief description of each.  Might do this again on another dead day, we’ll see.

1.  Hunter X Hunter:  A fairly traditional shonen manga/anime but with very strong characters and a lot of interesting plots and twists.  The thing that makes this stick out is its creativity and its willingness to run with an idea, even if that would make the main characters almost obsolete.  It plays around with some of the strange moral choices that shonen heroes often make and it is in general just a lot of fun, even if it gets very dark at times.

2.  Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann:  I mentioned this show in my post about deconstructions and reconstructions.  Effectively this is an extremely strong example of the Super Robot Genre.  Its an amazing show because of its self awareness, its ability to defy your expectations, and its core concept that the rule of cool powers the universe.  Its not afraid to be stupid, but its not afraid to be intelligent either.  

3.  Azumangadioh:  Light hearted slice of life anime about a group of highschool girls as they go through high school.  Wacky hi-jinks and extremely amusing characters abound.  Notable for its ability to make you care a lot for the different girls in the show even while using all of their eccentricities for the sake of comedy.  Very cute, very good.

4.  Ghost in the Shell:  A show about cyber-cops in the nearish future.  Each episode tends to deal with an ethical issue that is likely to come up as we begin to develop artificial intelligence, upload ourselves to computers and other staples of the cyber punk genre.  Visually its great and it has a lot of interesting characters, especially the artificially intelligent tanks called the Tachikomas.  Its worth watching for its ability to tell a compelling story while asking you a bunch of ethical questions that don’t have easy answers.

5.  Puella Magi Madoka Magica:  A show that first seems to be playing the magical girl genre straight, then deconstructs it, and then reconstructs it at the end.  Amazing music, great plot twists, strong ability to wrench emotion out of you and an interesting visual style.  Gets very dark, but has an ending that is bittersweet.  


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