Dungeon & Dragons Campaign Log #12

The party having been dropped in the middle of nowhere managed, with the help of the flying members of the party, to make it to a nearby flying island.  There were a bunch of cacti, that turned out to be sentient and psychic and stuff, but soon enough they placated the cactus creatures and found their way to a tavern where they managed to recruit a nice young lady to fly them to their next location.  She flew them in what actually turned out to be a space ship though none of them knew that in character, except for the Aasimar who rolled a great Knowledge Check to figure it out.  When he told the rest of the party, they figured he was crazy though and no body really listened to them.  

From this ladies starship, they some how ended up meeting back up with the prince and rode his airship to the location that they were headed.  On the way they ended up running into a battle between a random human ship and a group of sky pirates.  They ended up deciding that both groups were pretty sucky, defeating everyone and robbing the human groups ship.  From the robbery they acquired a extremely large amount of gold.  I gave the volume of it randomly and then calculated how much that would be worth at the end of the session, found out it was obscenely large and just kinda went with it.  At the end of it, they had a captured child of the former captain, a new airship and something like five or ten million gold pieces worth of gold.  

I’ll talk about the political ramifications of their theft along with a few other random things next time but for now I am going to go ahead and recap two adventures that happened earlier in the game that I had forgotten, but were either funny or important.  

The first was that at one point back when they were on the first island, they were hired by a mage lady on the island to dive into the ocean and retrieve some stuff.  They were each given a necklace of feather fall and underwater breathing and then they just jumped off the island.  They got the lady her thing, made enemies with the Suigin, who would occasionally teleport in and try to steal random items and then got the lady extremely angry at them by using only words that started with d for like ten minutes.

Another adventure that had occured during their first bit of travelling with the prince involved another fight with sky pirates.  It basically consisted of them finding out that the princes younger brother had been kidnapped.  They found the pirates in question, but the kid was convinced he was going to get to be a pirate now and did not want to go.  The captain of that ship was a very silly man who kept the fight from being a fight for an extremely long time, but coming up with increasingly far fetched explanations of the morality of his actions to the paladin.  Evetually the fight actually broke out and it was pretty fun, until the princeiing found out he had been lied to and unleashed a bunch of ember power to blow up the pirate’s airship and flew away.  That session had been fun just because of all the conversation that had gone on between the lying captain and the paladin.


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