More Space Opera

Today’s post is going to be really short because I did an extremely large amount of writing for my pbp ptu game today and its 6 in the morning.  

One other idea I would like to explore in my upcoming book is the different kinds of relationships that AI might have with different kinds of species.    The rabbit folks might never create anything like that because their species is based around fear, and creating something that they could not predict perfectly that might develop into a dangerous predator might be something they would avoid.  The space blob people, with their collective consciousness and such, might build AI that is basically exactly like themselves but more mechanical.  Their spaceships might be run by artificial brains that are really no different than the organic ones.  The two warring species might develop very independent sorts of AI, entirely focused on being useful in warfare.  Kind of thinking of AI as a weapon or tool.  The warlike carnivore people on the other hand might be quick to build ai different than themselves and then recognize it as something different but still something worth respect.    Might need to change that last one, as right now I am being a bit unfair with the different races and I need to make sure I don’t make a “correct” or better race.  Some will be better than others in certain respects, but having one race with all the best traits is pretty messed up.  


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