Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Log #12

The party decided to do some random stuff before they actually got down to the whole finding the magical swords that save the world thing.  The bard ended up going on a whole adventure where he tried to get this flower sellers son and a guard woman that he had met earlier to hook up.  He also took the little girl Kana out to get flowers for her birthday and gave his title, “The Lucky” to said gaurd woman, as she was the one who had survived the pile of horses that had engulfed her.  The rest of the party were doing something during that bit, but I’m not really sure what.  Eventually however, they ended up searching the city for the first sword.  

In their search, the Aasimar ended up doing some more miracles and gaining more followers, and there was this whole thing with a farmer who gave him boots made out of straw that he tried to give back and ended up sneaking back into the house.  For whatever reason, this was the part of the campaign that I really remember the least.  A lot more things might have been going on, but I am going to just sum up something that was all several sessions long.  There was a whole bunch of different things that led to other things, and the party ended up fighting these rival party groups to get to the things.  The changeling ended up splitting up from the party for a bit because he got fed up with the whole thing.  Eventually however the whole group managed to find the sword they had been looking for, right underneath the city that they started theirs search.  

At this point one of the most pivotal points in the campaign occurred.  The bard decided that he wanted to try to figure out the powers of the sword, so he tried using the Use Magic Device skill.  He rolled a natural one.  The spirit within the sword possessed Kalin, and I gave him a basic idea of what the spirit wanted to do, and he ran with it.  The party was out in there airship headed somewhere, when Kalin told me he wanted to ask me something away from the rest of the group.  Earlier in the game he had learned some controls for the airship that no one else knew.  I had put all of those controls on a piece of paper and given it to him.  One such control was the ability to expel everyone else from the airship.  Basically, his possessed body launched everyone else out of the ship, and stole it.  Once his body was away, his mind was able to work again, but was now within the sword.  So the party was out one magical artifact, but their bard was now a sword, and an artifact sword at that.  The group managed to make it back to the king who told them of the location of the next sword and about a whole bunch of political stuff they would have to go through to get it.  I’ll explain that in a bit more detail once they make it to the continent where that is all taking place, but suffice to say, they are headed far north to meet up with a regional ruler who is to help them out getting the other sword.  Now that I think about it, I think that was where they were headed when the Sword kicked them out of the ship.  Next Log, I’ll talk of the various adventures they had along the way to the continent of political intrigue.


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