Homeless Log Stardate September 13th-14th

So after my first couple of days of homelessness, I have a lot more respect for others in my situation, and I am in pain in many different places on my body.  Since its only been a couple of days, I’m just going to go through the various events that have occurred thus far.  

So, my parents dropped me off at my friends house early on the 13th.  I hung out with said friend for several hours, had some lunch and walked around for a bit.  Then, they left for work, and I went to Walmart to buy some supplies I was going to need that I had not picked up while I was staying with my parents.  Most notable was rice, a pot and a few different other cooking things like a measuring cup and some bowls.  I walked back to my friends house where I had left all my stuff. The trip back was not super fun as shopping bags are not really degned to be used for folks who are walking home instead of driving and everything ended up being pretty heavy.  It was not a big deal as I have had to deal with the problems of grocery shopping without a car on various occasions.  Once I was back I faced the wonderful problem of trying to fit all of the new stuff into the two bags I was going to be carrying around that were already stuffed to the brim.  It was soon evident that it was not going to happen so I took advantage of my host and stored some stuff in an empty shelf in their room before packing what I figured I would need every day in the two bags.  The stuff I left mostly consisted of clothes and some snacks that I did not really need to be carrying around with me.  I had originally been very insistant that I wanted to carry all my stuff on my person, but that goal was dashed less than half a day into my two month journey.

Now, with some of my ideals shattered, but with a supply of actual food, I began to trek south, towards EMAP, the sword fighting club I mentioned in one of my earlier posts.  I wore my backpack, and had the other bag slung over my shoulder.  After a few minutes of walking I soon realized that the slinging over the shoulder was not going to work.  It was awkward, and it really dug into my shoulder.  So, after a few minutes of messing around with clasps and buckles, I had strapped my second bag to my backpack.  The bag kinda hung down and hit the back of my legs as I walked, but all of the strain was on my shoulders and back which were much more up to the task than the one shoulder at a time that had previously been tasked with the weight of bag 2.   It is about a 2 mile walk from my friends house to the building where EMAP is performed.  By the time I was half way there, I was already having thoughts of giving up the homeless life and changing my plans.  I just kept trucking though, and after a quick stop at a public restroom I reformed the strapping together of my two bags into something that did not hit me in the legs after each step and was much better balanced.  Ten or twenty more minutes of walking later I arrived at the gym about an hour and a half early and took a nap till class started.  I did club stuff for an hour or so, had a lot of fun and learned stuff, then headed north to my other club, Vigil North, which I have also mentioned previously.   At this point I began to plan where I was going to sleep that night.  My first choice ended up being out of town for the night so I called up my second and they were cool with it.  After the second clubs practice was over, I got a call from my work.  If I had not mentioned that I have a job, it is because they had not contacted me at all for a month in a half.  They wanted to know if I could work tomorrow.  Generally enjoying my job, and figuring extra money was always a good idea, I agreed.  Unfortunately, as I had not expected this call at all, my work clothes were among the set of things that I had left at my first friends house.  They were quite a ways away, and I had made plans to stay somewhere else, so I ended up hanging out at another friends house, then leaving to head over to the person who agreed to let me stays house.  I set my alarm for 5 and passed out almost immediately.  I had some pretty rocking dreams, then I woke up, showered and marched my way, with all my gear and backpacks and stuff, back the two miles to my first friends house.  I grabbed my works stuff and then took a nap, that ended up lasting an hour and forty five minutes longer than I had planned.  I had work in 45 minutes and was all the way across town.  I left all my stuff at friend ones house, ran/speed walked back to the house I used to live at to pick up shoes I needed for the job and then managed to make it to work with a few minutes to spare.  Work involved a lot of standing in the sun, so at the end of it my knees were in a lot of pain and I was a bit sunburned, but I headed back to the Vigil North training area for more running about, but ended up passing out on a couch in a garage for training time instead.  Then I hung out some more and eventually got a ride back to the house that had all my stuff.  This is where I currently am.  All in all, the whole thing is a lot harder than I had figured it was going to be, but definitely doable.  I am going to have super strong shoulders soon and I am expecting that routine in general is something that is not going to happen.  I also know that if I talk more about this on this blog again I am giving all my friends nick names so I don’t have to freakin number them and stuff.


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