Game Fusion: Poker Chess

I said before that I was going to be making some board game mashups and this will be the first.  I am going to be making these games and then play-testing them and hopefully refining them later.  This particular work is not very original and perhaps not very fun, but we will see.  It combines the games of chess and poker together.  

The goal of the game is to get the best poker hand.  The game ends when the chess game ends.  The person that wins the chess game gets to increase the worth of their poker hand by 2 levels.  That is, a pair would count as a three of a kind, a flush as a four of a kind etc.  A Royal Flush counts as its own level for this purpose, so someone with a 4 of a kind that won the chess game would tie, if the other player had a royal flush, but win if they had any other kind of straight flush.  

Both players start the game with a hand of five cards.  Each turn, both players draw a card, and then discard simultaneously.  Both cards are revealed, and then the player who discarded the higher card makes a turn on the board.  Then the person who drew the lower card takes their turn.  At that point the two cards are sent to the discard pile.  During a players chess turn, they can choose to capture one of their own pieces and discard another card from their hand to add the card that the opponent discarded to their hand.  This action may not be taken if the removal of the piece would result in check.  They cannot remove their king.  If, at the start of a turn, the enemy’s king is still in check, the enemy must reveal their hand.  You pick one card from it and they send it to the discard pile.  Then they draw another card and take their turn before you this round.  This does not apply if the enemy king is in checkmate.

The goal of this game is twofold.  One is to introduce some imperfect information to the game of chess, but also to introduce some randomness.  While I personally like the lack of both of those features, it makes a game a lot easier to get into if you have something to blame besides yourself.  If you can blame the cards you drew, or your opponents luckiness, then it is easier for most people to accept loss.  After I have play-tested this I will let you know how it goes and if it is fun in the slightest.  


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