HvZ Zombie Pro Tips

While I am not nearly as skilled at zombieing as I am at humaning, I know what gets people killed and I know a lot of the theory.  I will likely be much more competent by the time I am done with this semesters game, as I will be playing almost the whole game as a zombie.  Still, there are some tips that are super important and worth remembering.

1.  Cardio

Even more than a human, a zombie has got to run.  Unlike a human, who generally only has to run when he or she is being chased, which only happens occasionally, the zombie has to run almost constantly.  You are always out looking for people to attack, and when you see them, you are running toward them.  While your speed is not as vital at any given time, as it isn’t over for you instantly if you are too slow, it is your average speed that is much boosted by cardio.  Because you have to run so much, most people end up only running half halfheartedly after a while until they get a break.  The first time I remember ever being so exausted I simply could not run at all was during hvz as a zombie.  So, if you want to be out their hunting zombies 24-7, you need Cardio.

2.  Death is only the Beginning

Getting stunned is a good thing.  Every single time you charge a group or a human is a chance for their gun to jam or their aim to be off.  While slowly stalking your prey for a long time sounds good in theory, most of the time it is better to just charge them as often as possible, then follow them from a distance.  Charging also distracts humans, and if there is someone else stalking them or just another zombie near by, they will join in and one of you might get a kill.  In many cases, humans will not stick around to get ammo either, especially if you are not alone, so you can lower human ammo supplies a good deal by making them waste it on you.

3.  Dodge or Tag

This really only applies to fighting in a group, but its generally a bad idea to both try to tag someone and try to dodge their bullets at the same time.  You usually want a few zombies who are the distractions, their goal is to be loud and scary and focusing completely in making the human waster shots, no really being interested in tagging the human.  Other zombies are completely focused on tagging.  Their goal is to get up next to the human and tag them.  If the others fail and the human shoots, unless the gun jams or the human misses they are going to be stunned, but because of the complete focus on the tag, they are much more likely to get the tag if the human is in fact distracted or who makes a mistake because they are only concentrating on moving quickly and getting there.

4.  Be a part of a Horde

More zombies at once is better.  People can only shoot in so many directions at once and eventually numbers overwhelm.  They also scare and messing with the opponents ability to think well is important.  Getting attacked by 2 zombies at once is more difficult than 1 zombie twice.  Do what you can to mitigate the general horrible advice that the zombie leader is giving and keep it straightforward most of the time.  But, keep together and get everyone to charge together.  

5.  Be Loud and Scary

Psychological advantages are huge.  If the humans ever start running, then you win.  The worse case scenario for humans is confusion and mis-communication.  Try to cause these things.  Be so loud that the humans can’t communicate.  Attack frequently enough that they can’t plan.  Keep hammering away at their ability to be rational and calm.  Give the humans weirdo choices to think about instead of planning.  Keep up the aggression.  Shout for them to run at every opportunity.  Pick off stragglers.  Mess with their heads.  Don’t be a jerk to any individual people, but anything you can do to effect the morale of the humans is important.


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