Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Log #11

Somewhere in the middle of the whole thing with the king, there was a session in which only a few people showed up, so I ran something I had been wanting to do for a while.  That is, I had the players summoned to fight in the blood wars.  I guess two things need to be explained before the concept really makes sense.  The first is the idea of summoning.  In the game, wizards and clerics and other casters can cast spells to summon various creatures to fight by their side.  When a creature is summoned, it must follow the orders of the person summoned, but if it dies, it just goes back to the world it was summoned from without actually getting hurt.  Since people on the prime material plane summon folks from hell all the time, I figured it would be fun to turn it around.  To explain the other thing, the D&D cosmology has two extremely powerful evil faction in the universe.  Their are the demons and their are the devils.  The demons represent chaotic evil, that is evil that is random and usually purposeless.  The devils on the other hand represent the evils of tyranny and organized armies and such.  As it turns out, these two factions hate each other more than they hate the forces of good, so their is an eternal battle between the enormous numbers of the demons and the incredible tactics and discipline of the devils, and this battle is called the blood wars.

With all that out of the way, the players were summoned by “Summon Adventurer’s II” by a devil who wanted to attack a specific tower.  So, they attack the tower, which, after a critical fumble on a Knowledge Religion Roll, they believe to be a tower of fun times and happiness.  They fight progressively harder and harder demons until they die.  Then they simply appear back in the mortal world just as they had been before.  It was just kinda an excuse to see how many demons they could fight, but it was fun and they enjoyed it for the most part.  

Two more facts I am going to throw in in this post that will be relevant later but I had forgotten to mention them when they happened.  The first is that the Aasimar Favoured Soul acquired a puppy on his travels which he named Scrambles, the Death Dealer.  

The second thing was a battle that occurred at the beginning of a session in which several people were late.  One of the players had a digimon miniature so I had the party fight Machindramon.  They died, then came back with some special bonuses.  This time they did better, and managed to rip the cannon off his arm before jumping in the air and blasting him to death with his own cannon.  This was of course, all a dream, but I promised that they would one day find the cannon that they had torn off of machinedramons arm outside of the dream.


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