HvZ Human Pro Tips

So, its four in the morning and their is a one day game of humans vs zombies tomorrow morning.  I want to post tonight, but I also want to be well rested for HvZ.  As such I am going to post about some things you should keep in mind if you are ever in a game of HvZ.  As far as my validity for posting these tips, my credentials are as follows:  I have played in 5 different games of HvZ.  I have helped run 4 of those games.  About a year ago I started an organization at my school that trained for several hours a week to be skilled at the game of HvZ.  As an organization we tend to be highly skilled at taking down zombies, organizing humans rationally, and generally having a good time while playing HvZ well.  I am by no means the best player in my squad, but I was the organizer for about a year and have a strong understanding of the theoretical skills necessary to be effective.  As such, take or leave my advice as you will.  This advise sort of applies to both humans and zombies, but will focus on the human side.  I will do an article on the zombie side in the future.

1.  Constant Vigilance

The single most important thing you can do in a game of HvZ is to always keep your wits about you when you are in a place that you are taggable.  Stopping to chat with friends or just getting lost in conversation or in thinking about things outside the game can get you killed quickly.  Unless something else is super important, you should have a strong idea of where you are going each time you step out into a danger zone, and focus almost completely on reaching your destination and staying alive slash keeping others alive while you do so.  If you have no time to train for anything else, try to work on keeping your attention focused while playing the game.

2.  Be aggressive

As a human, you have the advantage of longer range.  With that advantage, comes the ability to decide when the battle begins in earnest.  Unless you are ambushed, you are going to see the zombies coming, and the best way to deal with them is to charge them, firing at your optimal range and hopefully hitting them before they have much chance to respond.  If you let zombies tail you and do not battle them immedietly, it is giving the zombies the advantage in several key ways.  Firstly, it is letting them pick the battlefield.  They will likely attack when there is a tree in the way, or when you are near a corner you are unsure of containing yet more zombies.  Secondly, waiting gives the zombies a chance to gain more zombies.  It is much better to fight six groups of two zombies then it is to fight one group of twelve.  Take them out before they have a chance to group up.  Finally, even in the worse case scenario, it is really hard to turn 180 degrees quickly.  If you charge a large horde, take out the ones directly in front of you and then keep running past them it gives you a several second head start along with giving you a significant psychological advantage.  Unless the zombies are in terrain that is sure to be rife with more hiding zombies, aggression usually wins the day.  

3.  Circle

Connected to the above idea, the single most effective tactic for a lone human fighting a large horde is to repeatedly circle the group, moving in such a way that your dominant side is always pointed toward the horde.  As a right handed person who uses an Alpha Trooper, a gun that’s back is held in the dominant hand and front in the off hand, I always circle horde’s counter clockwise.  A left handed person with an alpha trooper would do the opposite, while a right handed person with a semi-auto one handed gun would also circle clockwise.  Circling stops the zombies from getting all their forces at you at once and allows you to get behind most of the zombies quickly.  By the time they are turned around, you are behind them again.  

4.  Cardio

This should perhaps be number one, but it is the one that people are least likely to implement.  Being in good shape, with the ability to run hard several times in a row without becoming incredibly tired is a vital skill in this game.  Do some running, practice firing your nerf guns at friends, whatever, as long as you can up your stamina.  It will help a ton.

There are many more tips, including “Get enough sleep.” but I am going to end it here as I want to get a bit of sleep before the game.  Hope you all have fun if you play in the future, and remember to stay vigilant, be aggressive, circle zombies and run a lot.  


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