“Can I get two pounds of salmon and a half pound of chedder ma’am?” The woman behind the counter smiles and replies in the affirmative, before slicing the chedder and weighing out the fish and cheese.  She hands the food over the counter and Brock pays the woman.  Having little time, as soon as he gets out side he calls out to his geodude.  

“Can you take these groceries home and put them in the fridge please?”  The geodude replies with a affirmative “Geo.” and floats back towards Brock’s house.  With that out of the way Brock heads south out of town.  He is able to relax for a while as he walks toward Vermillion forest.  He waves to the ranger that sleeps outside the forest and then sets to work chopping down one of the trees.  It takes him a while and he just barely finishes in time.  He cuts the branches off the tree and then begins hauling it slowly northward back toward town.  Its hard slow work, and by the time he gets back to his house he has time only to drop the tree in his backyard, and grab himself a couple of slices from the cheese he bought.  Then he rushes northward.  When he sees the school in site he slows down a bit.  He sees all of his siblings together in a clump and wave to them.  They look a bit confused to see him, but quickly follow him home, chattering about what happened at school today, and what they had done at recess.

When Brock and the kids get home he quickly sets to work making them some salmon sandwiches.  Once they had all eaten, he takes each kid to their different after school clubs.  Forrest goes to trainer cram school, Tommy to art club, Cindy to Soccer, Tilly and Billy to t-ball, Timmy and Suzie go to fencing, Salvadore goes to chess club and Yolanda goes to origami class.  Once they are all safely at their different clubs Brock sets to work chopping up the tree he had cut down.  Once he has some reasonable sized pieces he gets the stove going and begins cooking a stew using the rest of the fish and the cheese and some vegetables.  By the time the stew is finished, its time to pick everyone up, and so he leaves it simmering as he walks to each of the different locations and picks up his siblings.  They get back to the house and he serves up his stew.  There is general talking over dinner and everyone is pretty happy.  After dinner, everyone helps clean up, except Salvadore, who goes out back to feed geodude some rocks.  Once the dishes are done and geodude is fed, Brock calls together all his siblings.  He hesitates for a moment and then speaks.

“Last night, Dad told me he was leaving to go on his pokemon journey.  So we won’t be seeing him for a while, but I’ll be making sure that everything works out alright.  I will not be going to school any longer and I am getting a job at the gym, but I will still be able to pick you guys up from school.  Anyways, dad wanted me to tell you that he loves all of you and will be coming back as soon as he has won some badges and proved himself as a trainer.”  In general the kids are pretty sad about this and it takes several bed time stories and a lot of kind words to get them all calm and asleep.  Once it is finally finished Brock heads to what used to be his dad’s room and sits down on the bed.  He sets the alarm for five and then lays down to sleep.  The card sitting next to the bed had been given to Brock last night by his dad and read simply, “Happy 13th birthday Brock!”


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