Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #10

So the details of what exactly happened after the equestrophy are a bit hazy.  I know there was much running around, being chased by guards, breaking into jails and others such things.  Various people were captured and escaped, the bard befriended the guard that survived being covered in horses and stuff.  Somehow Amarakus got himself captured a one point and the person who captured him attempted to run off with his hat.  The hat in question was a hat of disguise, which lets the wearer look like whom so ever they choose.  The man had escaped into the crowd surrounding the prison and so what is the appropriate response for the young hero?  Well, for him it was to proclaim himself a god and fly above the crowd, demanding that the crowd present the thief of his hat to him, by feeling around near them, feeling for someone who’s appearance and  feel was different.  One natural 20 on his diplomacy check later and the crowd is lying at his feet, and the long journey of Amarakus becoming the God of Light begins.  He gets back his hat and is then dragged away to heal people and do miracles.  Being a favored soul, this is something he can do, and he is especially capable after many of the folks in the crowd grant him their ember, letting him work even greater works.  Eventually, the whole party is rounded up and brought before the king.  He tells them that they are all listed in a prophesy and explains the “Main Plot” of the game to them.  Basically, the universe was created when a guy called the Dark One and the great grandfather of the king battled each other long ago as a prison to cage the Dark One.  Their are three swords that when brought together would allow the dark one to either escape or be able to finally kill him.  The party was to gather these swords, but, there were 2 other groups that also fit the prophesy already looking and they were on the dark ones side.  So, the adventurers enjoyed a nice night in the palace and then set out looking for the first sword in the morning.


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