Looking through Bookmarks

Tonight, while searching for something interesting to write about, I decided to go through all the bookmarks in my browser.  For the most part these bookmarks consist of things that I read about two, three or four years ago and found to be interesting or profound enough that I wanted to save the for the future.  Many of them are dead links and many are just TvTropes links, but I found a couple tonight that actually contained something worth talking about.  Specifically, I found two that I wanted to talk about right away.  Unfortunately the two sites have nothing to do with each other so trying to talk about both would make this post even less cohesive then it is now.  So instead, I will be writing about the easier topic, but posting a link to the harder, which I will get too some time soon, possibly tomorrow.  

Link  This link leads to an essay by Orwell, about the effect of language on the way people think and things that he felt were changing in the English language in his day that were creating a lot of negative effects.  Its a bit long, but I would encourage anyone who is reading this blog to read that link as well so it will be easier to understand what I am talking about later, and because I think the essay is worth reading.

In any event, the other link that I found led too work I had done on a video game with a friend of mine.  We had gotten nothing done except the skeleton of a structure, but I think the game had a ton of really good ideas and I still would like to make the game in the future.  The following will be a list of the features that I found really compelling.

The story and the basic structure of the game were tied together very strongly.  The world was a dying one, with only about ten thinking human beings left.  Each of those humans had a bit of this magical essence called ember that was what kept the world together.  You would start the game as a creation of one of the ember wielders, coming into existence and finding his body.  The world would be broken up into different domains, controlled by the different ember wielders.  You would be able to travel to whatever domain you wished and the story would change depending on if you killed the ember weilders and took their powers, simply left them to their own devices, convinced them to ally with you or whatever else you wanted to do.  Your power level in the game would be directly connected to how much ember you had.

One of the interesting parts of the equation is that because the world was only held together by the force of ember, the world would shift and change when you were not around.  As you gained more ember you would be able to effect more of the world around you, but at the beginning everything would be shifting and it would all be very disorienting.   

The other key part of the game was that while some of the ember wielders were simply interested in protecting their domains, some would also have various goals, and they would be actively trying to accomplish said goals at the same time you tried to accomplish yours.  The way they went about accomplishing their goals would be non-deterministic, so even if you played exactly the same way, the story might end up different in the end.  

Their was also a lot of creativity in the different ember wielders and their goals.  It is interesting to me, looking back at some of the stuff and seeing how I reused some of the ideas that I had for this game in my d&d game and some other projects.  All in all, I really want to work on this game some more, and I may end up doing so.


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