Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #9

The technomancer gave each of the party members a different gift in order to thank them for saving his benefactor and freeing the tower from the naga’s control.  To the bard, he gave an electric guitar.  To the elf he gave a whistle which would call all horses in a ten mile radius.  To Ot he gave a toilet seat that could connect to different dimensions.  To Cursed Jackle Child he gave a gift that I do not remember.  To Amarakus, he gave a mystery.  Earlier, Mona and Kana had gotten kidnapped by sky pirates mostly because Mona’s player could not make a whole bunch of sessions in a row.  Anyways, the group decided that they wanted to go to the capitol city, since that is where the prince lives and it is also a place that they can buy magic items.  So, the technomancer puts them in his rocket ship, and thirty seconds later they are in the capitol city.  

Ot had acquired some sort of cursed mask at some point during the travels, and upon arriving at their destination, after being dropped off in the middle of the city, Ot was compelled to stab a random person to death.  He does so and suddenly they are fighting guards.  The elf for some reason decides that this is a good time to blow the whistle that she had just acquired.  They spend the next few rounds fighting guardsmen, when suddenly horses start to arrive.  They are ramming through carts and people all to get to the exact five ft. cube that the whistle was blown in.  What follows is known by our group as the equestrophy.  More and more horses from all over town arrive at the location and the group scatters in order to avoid being crushed to death.  The bard ends up saving a brothel’s staff from destruction as the horses begin to form a giant mound, a writhing mountain of horse flesh that starts to flow over the buildings and crushes everything near by.  Everyone is scattered everywhere, except the elf, who manages to tame the horse that manages to climb its way to the very top, and one lone guardsman who managed to survive being buried under the pile of horses.  With much of the city destroyed by rampaging horses the party is now on the run from the law, as they each head to different places looking to accomplish different things.


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