Possible New Format

In conversation today, I have discovered a possible focus for this blog as apposed to the random rambling of my usual posting.  It probably won’t start for a while, but I am thinking of posting combo games.  That is to say, I will take two different board or card games, and find a fun way to use the pieces and the important parts of the rules from both games an create a new game from that.  Game design is a hobby of mine, specifically board game design and I think that this would be both incredibly interesting and also a lot more useful to potential future careers than what I am currently doing.  This would of course slow down the posting rate, as I would actually have to put time and testing into the games, but hopefully each post would potentially create a great deal of fun for people who had access to the pieces of both games.  I will begin working on a few of the potential fusion games and once I have written a few I may make that this blogs focus.  For those of you following the dungeons and dragons campaign log, I will also continue to post that as well and I suspect other random things as well when the mood strikes me, but should I actually be able to do this I will not be forcing myself to write a post about something different every night.  Hopefully this works out and is fun.


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