Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Log #8

So, though the party had their own airship, it was slightly broken and would not work unless it was fixed.  The group thus used the prince’s personal airship to take a visit to the gnomes, who lived in flying castles and had at this point invented guns.  They got to participate in a fight against some sky elves, learn a bit about firearms and eventually get their ship fixed.  The price for the fixing was their help in getting a young paladin woman to a sacred stone that she wanted to gain power from.  

The party flew to the island that the stone was on, fought various opponents, such as goblins, hydras and lizard men on their way to the center, and eventually climbed a tower to where the stone was supposed to be.  The paladin, along with the bard and the elf, all touched the stone and were granted special powers.  The paladin set out on some sort of quest and the party moved on. 

Somehow, the group ended up on another island, this one with an anti technology field.  They traveled though it, fought there way to yet another central tower and then battled a mummy and a naga before releasing a nice cleric lady and meeting a character that would end up having a large effect on the campaign.  The technomancer was an inventor the group found in the basement that invented new things by trying stuff randomly and finding out what didn’t work in increasingly weaker anti technology fields.  What he gives t the group and the consequences of his gifts are the subject of the next log.


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