A Day of Time Sinks

For whatever reason, today was a day with much consuming of time expensive media.  I woke up at 4 in the afternoon, went home, did some stuff and then watched some Law of Ueki, which is an amazing show for many reasons, but is kinda slow and tends to repeat itself.  After watching around ten or twelve episodes of that, my roommates went to bed, but I began watching Idea Channel episodes.  Each episode is only six to eight minutes long, but there are quite a lot of them, and one of them led to me starting to read Homestuck.  I planned to only read for a bit, but I ended up reading what I believe was several hundred pages of the web comic, before I forced myself to quit for the night.  

At that point I decided to try to figure out some of what my new chromebook was capable of and started checking out the app store thing and downloading some things that looked interesting.  One of those said interesting things was a game that had you combining random different things and looking at the possible combinations.  Because of the exponential nature of that sort of a thing, it too took a good bit of my time, though perhaps not as much as it would have if I did not at that point start to feel tired and decide I needed to get this blog post done tonight before I drifted off to sleep.  

All in all, I got some stuff done and I had a pretty good time, but far too many of my activities today could have taken much more time if I had let them and all of them took more than I anticipated.  I suppose free time is something that I have currently so it is all good, but it is a bit weird to jump into all of these time sink sort of activities after having been without much of a computer for about a week.  



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