Peace Corp

So, as I said in my post from last night, I finally got assigned a location for the peace corp.  Its been a long process with a lot of errors and mess ups along the way.

Basically, the process began during my senior year of college as I was trying to decide what to do with my life.  I eventually decided peace corp was the way to go and began looking through the application.  It was quite long so I ended up putting it off for a while but eventually completed the twenty or so page long application some time in February of 2013.  After the application was done, I recieved a link to the medical page where I filled out another ten pages of stuff about my medical background.

Several days later, I was emailed, and informed that my application had had a very rare error and that basically all my data had been lost.  Apparently they were able to find and fix the problem after that, but basically I had to redo the whole thing.  After a few days of putting it off, I did so, and filled everything out for a second time.  Everything seemed the same, except I did not get a link to the health form.  It told me it might take a few days, so I waited a week, and it did not show up.  I called the peace corp recruitment office, and was eventually given an email address that I was supposed to send a message about the problem too.  I sent the problem via the email, but received an email the next day saying my message had not been received, but that it would try to send it again.  A month later it sent me another email saying that it had tried every day for a month but my message had not been sent.  So, I sent an email to the peace corp office that I had originally talked to, and a few days later got a phone call explaining that they had gotten the tech guys to fix the problem.  I logged into the medical portal and finally was able to fill out the ten page document that I had already filled out a month and a half previously.

The next few steps went fairly smoothly, with a few forms being filled out and a phone interview.  Then I did not hear from the Peace Corp for about a month again.  Eventually I got an email asking if I was still interested in the Peace Corp as they had sent me a fingerprint package in the mail and I had missed the deadline to send it back by a month.  As it turned out, the landlords of my house were having the neighbors house renovated, and my mailbox had been removed.  I biked across town to the post office and asked them what had happened to the packages that should have been sent to my house.  They told me that the mailbox had been gone long enough that the house had been marked as vacant and all mail returned to sender.  I talked to my landlords, had them put the mailbox back, and then talked to the Peace Corp people and had them send the packet again.  A week or so later I received the kit in the mail, went down to the police department to have it filled out and mailed it back the very next day.  They confirmed the delivery the next Monday and then I had yet another form to fill out emailed to me.

I was told that the next time I heard from the Peace Corp I would find out where I was going.  Then, I had to fill out another form and then have another shorter phone interview.  Then finally, yesterday, I recieved the info about where I was going.  The entire process took more than half a year, and there was no less than 3 enormous errors and mistakes in the process.  All in all I am just happy that the process is coming to a close and I finally know where I will be serving.  In any event, whenever I talked with any of the Peace Corp people directly, they were always very nice and helpful, it was just an arduous process.  Hopefully the work will be worth it.


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