The little girl sat in the park and watched the other children.  She viewed them as they laughed and as they played and as they talked.  When the last kid left to go home at night, and the first kid arrived in the morning, the girl watched the children.  

The girl felt sad as she watched the other children, but she could not really seem to tell why.  Every time she would consider the situation that she was in, it seemed as though something would distract her and take her away from that line of thought.  Days passed by and the girl watched, observed and felt sad.  

The girl could recall being with the other children, playing beside them and joining in their fun, but for some reason that thought was always in the past tense.  Though she was only feet from the jungle gym and the swings, she could no more enjoy those parts of the park as she could sprout eye stalks to watch the children while she slept.  She sat on the bench and watched the children and nothing else happened.

The young psychic released his hand from the woman who’s mind he had been reading and asked his instructor, “What happened to this girl to make her the way that she is?”  The instructor looked away for a long bit and then said, “She got in Sabrina’s way.”


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