Delays, Topics and Self Enrichment

I can say with no small amount of confidence that this blog has kept me awake for many many more hours then I have spent actually writing articles for it. It is something I make sure I do every day before I sleep, but it is often the very last thing that I do. Often times I will be done with everything else I want to do in my day except for writing these blog posts, but I will not have thought of a topic for discussion or will simply not be in the mood for writing, so I will delay or put off writing, by staying up and doing various other things that I don’t particularly need to do, but will at least delay the time when I need to sit down and write. In nanowrimo, I at least have a strong idea of what I should be writing about, but thinking of a topic for a blog post can be very difficult for me some times. The D&D campaign log posts tend to occur on nights when I really can’t think of anything else, because while I enjoy thinking back and remembering the campaign and the various wacky adventures, it doesn’t actually take any thought or creativity, as I am simply recalling and then transcribing events that already occured.
Interestingly enough, the writing itself is also not particularly hard. Once I get going on a topic, I generally find that I have an opinion or at least have a few nice anacdotes about the topic. I can go and write three hundred or five hundred words easily, but its finding that topic that is difficult for me. Many of the things that I post are various things I have thought about that I have strong opinions about, but generally I come up with my opinions on the spot in conversation when asked about a topic instead of having to simply bring up a topic or opinion out of the blue. Because of this I tend to be a very good listener, but a bit of a boring conversationalist in one on one conversations. In group settings or when the conversation is about topics that I care about, I am as wordy as the next guy, but when I am alone with someone and they do not bring up something to talk about, I tend to remain silent, as I rarely have things that I particularly want to bring up, though I am perfectly happy to talk on a number of topics if the other party brings them up.
Honestly a big part of this blog is just about me getting myself to bring things up and talk about things that I want to talk about. Occasionally, such as today, this thing includes myself, and while that is likely not very interesting to anyone besides me, I do it just the same. All in all, I’m glad I started this and am quite willing to sacrifice several hours per night to writing delay induced insomnia, if it means I can express myself more fully and get a chance to throw some things that really matter to me out into the void of the internet.


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One Response to “Delays, Topics and Self Enrichment”

  1. yugiohnewb Says:

    I can relate to most of what you said here. Before I started my yugioh blog I started a blog where I talked about firearms ( and all things related. I’m a firearms enthusiast as well as a nerd, imagine that.

    Blogging really helped me get more comfortable with expressing my own ideas and opinions. Before I started I kept most of my thoughts to myself. I was, as you put it, a good listener. I always had things to say but I held back for various reasons. I am glad I started my blogs and I imagine I will continue blogging well into the future at some level or another.

    Finding ways to motivate yourself is a pretty tough challenge sometimes, but once the post goes up its a nice feeling isn’t it?

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