I am generally considered a stubborn person.  There are a lot of things I don’t really care about that much and I am perfectly willing to change my opinion or ideas or what have you about them to make it more convenient for others, because it really doesn’t matter much to me either way, but on subjects and things that I actually care about, I will hold my stance or ground for eternity and a day.  As a trait, stubbornness has always been something that people can be admired for or disliked for.  

In my case, while it can be less than thrilling to have an argument with me on certain topics, because of my unwillingness to compromise or acknowledge the existence of another path, my stubbornness is also what allows me to write a book every November, or get through incredibly boring tasks or walk 26 miles or whatever.  Once I decide I want to do something then no longer doing that thing is giving up, and that is something that I find completely unacceptable in most circumstances.  

I don’t really have anything new or creative to say on the subject of the trait stubborn, other than it is one of the rare traits that does not have a single positive or negative connotation.  Unless someone is trying to make a very strange argument, being lazy is considered negative, being kind is considered good etcetera.  Being stubborn on the other hand is simply something that modifies your other traits.  If someone is stubborn and lazy, they might go to extreme lengths to not have to do things.  If they are stubborn and politically active, they might be able to participate in strikes and rallys and such very effectively, being better able to deal with the consequences of those sorts of things.  Nothing really to say but that, I just think stubbornness is an interesting concept.


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