Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Log #7

Normally I would not do another campaign log so soon after the previous one, but I am not feeling creative tonight, and there were some things that needed clearing up from the previous post.  Mostly they had been in that dungeon before along with where they got the lazer that they shot at the cat.

On the previous stroll though the dungeon they battled some paper golems and found the special part of the dungeon that had four directions of exit, that would lead to rooms exactly like it, and the only way to get anywhere was basically through code.  They found an emerald statue and some other junk in there.  The statue is what ended up fusing with the cat in order to make the flying special emerald kitty.  In any event, they were able to find the special room with the control stone and such because they found out a new combo for the four exit rooms which led them their.  

Before the second expedition though, there was a bit of story in which most of the party was talking to Tom about something at some sort of town meeting, but the monk ended up getting grabbed by a little girl who had been saved from rats and stuff and she led them away into the forest.  Then they found an airship which had a number of nifty powers, like turning into a jet pack and stuff, but it was broken.  So the lazer came from the airship.  Eventually, in order to get off the island, they managed to get a ride from the prince to a sky castle built by gnomes, where they learned about guns and had their airship fixed in exchange for going on a quest for the gnomes which I will get to next explanation.  This is all a bit of a windy explanation, but there are two important facts to take out of it. The bard managed to figure out some of the airship controls through a use magic device check or something and the little girl left with them when they left the island.  Though she is an NPC, she is one of the most important in the game so she gets her own paragraph.

Kana:  Little 6 year old girl who learns monk stuff from the drunk monk.  Thinks said monk is her same age at first because the monk is a halfling and thus the same size.  She is incredibly good at combat, though she had the unfortunate habit of hurting or knocking herself out in the middle of battle due to critical fumbles.  She served as a nice person for the monk to care about and for the party to use as something of a moral compass.


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