Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #6

The last of these mini adventures of note occured on the day that a new player decided to join the game.  He did not realize that we were already at level four or five and made a level one character with no equipment.  This was the only session that he played in, so he does not get a special paragraph, but I figure his existence is worth noting.  In any event, there was a cave that the group had found previously that they discovered led to a room ripped straight out of Castle in the Sky, that contained the Crystal that made the island float, along with containing a sort of stone touch pad keyboard thing that controlled the crystal and activated various functions.  At the beginning of the session, the player slammed some random buttons, and opened up a room that contained statues.  One of them turned into the new guys character, who had made no backstory, so was basically a naked amnesiac level one character.  He sort of hung out with the party throughout the session, but did not do anything of note.  

After this, the group slammed some more buttons, and I rolled my 100 sided die, a Zoccihedron to see what sort of effect would occur.  Natural One.  So, they had just cut power to the island.  The entire thing began to fall out of the sky.  Being the clever party that they were there first response was to slam more buttons.  Another roll, another nat one.  At this point there was really not any way to make the situation worse without killing the entire party instantly, and I did not want to do that based purely on bad luck.  So I had the other one slow down the fall a bit and fuse one of the items in their posession with a little cat that they had encountered.  The cat has the key to the control of the island now, and it is flying away.  They proceed to blast the thing with a lazer beam, because thats the best choice, and the thing falls out of the sky.  The aasimar favoured soul had grown wings by this point, so he flew down, talked things out with the cat and everything worked itself out.  The cat fixed the island and everyone got to not die.  I have apparently skipped an important adventure though, so next times log will take place chronologically before this one.  


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