Random Campaign Setting Musings

So I’m basically just going to listing things that I want to incorporate into a campaign someday.  Specifically I am thinking about a PTU game of some kind.

Long term injuries.  I want the players to be afraid of getting hurt, knowing that even a random battle will result in hit-point loss or negative status effects that will last for long time.  Having to deal with making it to another location and deciding whether to wait for some of their wounds to heal, or press on because there food stores are low is the kind of choice I want my players to have to face.  Healing and food are both going to be things in short supply.

A Jungle setting.  Having no idea how close they are to their objectives until they are right the frick there and possibly passing within feet of something that could help them, but not noticing it are things I want to incorporate as well, and the tone of the jungle fits what I want for the world.  Lost ruins and incredible danger around every corner.

Paranoia.  Having either competing objectives, or everyone after the same thing that has a limited quantity.  Promote the hard decisions of having to work with someone that you know is going to eventually stab you in the back, and having to decide when your own back stabbing begins based on how much the other person is useful to you compared to how dangerous they are to you.

Asymmetric Information.   This goes along with the previous point, but having everyone know something about the campaign world that no one else does adds to the layers of the previous point along with allowing very interesting dynamics, when only one or two players understand the significance of what has been discovered or found out, or only a few understanding the true horror of a given situation.

Use based advancement.  The PTU system is one that is based on experience points, and simply buying new abilities with those points as you grow in level.  I would like to make abilities be gained through use and practice, with no generic experience points.   Along with the asymmetric information, this can lead to different party members being at very different power levels without knowing that they are.  You can’t be sure just what the other person can do or is capable of.

I will likely add to this in the future, but so far these are the sort of things that I want to run a campaign around.


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