Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #5

So the next in the series of mini-adventures that occurred on the first island that the group had found themselves on after traveling to another dimension, began with a trip to the market.  For quite a while the party had been entirely unable to leave the island because of the lack of any sort of flight capable vehicle or steed.  Eventually however, the day of the market arrived and several airships arrived at the town to buy and sell.  Their was a dwarf ship, a human ship, a halfling ship and a small ship that turned out to be crewed by the prince of the region that they were in.  Making their way to the market, they began searching for magic items, because that was what they were most interested in.  Back in the world before the portal they had been scammed by some halfings and had then threatened the halflings into giving them their money back.  Once again the bought from the halflings, and bought a sword that appeared magical but was actually not.

The only real response to this for adventurers is to get their money back and add in a little vengeance.  The bard had managed to befriend the prince and they convinced the man to fly them out after the fleeing halfling airship.  After some tricky maneuvers, they ended up with the halflings attacking them and all landing on the prince’s ship.  As it turned out, one of the things the prince though was less than cool was rails.  Soon enough, one of the halflings charged into the elf and sent her falling down at a height of 2 miles above sea level.  The prince quickly turned the ship into a nosedive and I ran the numbers for how many six second rounds they would get before the elf struck the water and died.  And so, from that little bullrush, one of the more memorable encounters was born.  Because the ship was going straight down, everyone had to stab a weapon into the side of the ship to stay where they were, or fall upward toward the raised section of the ship, who’s wall was now the equivalent of a floor.

Their was much piling up of people as they fell off of their weapons, and general silliness in the several rounds of combat available.  Eventually they caught up with the elf and the prince swung outward on a rope, used some special powers that would become a major plot point later in the game and grabbed her.  In doing so he had left his post on the steering wheel of the ship however and that was all the way at the top.  In the two rounds or so they had before the ship crashed into the water, the party managed to throw a rope around the wheel and then have various people pull on it in an effort to get it to pull up and prevent their crash.  Eventually on the very last person’s turn on the very last round, they succeeded at their objective and managed to save themselves.  The halflings quickly gave back the gold they had taken as they were much the worse for wear and  the party and the prince became fast friends.


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