Posting to Post

In the grand tradition of people who have decided that they must write a certain amount regardless of quality, I will today be writing about basically nothing.  I am writing here simply to write because I said that I would, and as it happens, writing is a notable enough event, that it can be worth writing about, at least for a few sentences.

In the other grand tradition of the filling up of space with words, I will bring up a number of things that are immediately relevant to my life, as they require the least amount of creativity or analytic thought.  As the first order of buisness, I am currently much occupied with the pulling of dead skin off of live skin on my arms.  During the camping trip in which I did not post for a few days, I got quite sunburned on my arms, and now I am in the stage of the burn where I get to peel off the dead skin.  This is for me one of the most satisfying of experiences, similar in many ways to pulling glue off of your skin.  I must confess that I often will forgo sunscreen both because sunscreen is initially uncomfortable to wear and because, even though it is painful for a short period of time, getting badly enough sunburned allows me the opportunity to peel off bits of my skin and so in my eyes is worth it, increased chances of skin cancer aside.

In other news, at the end of this month I will be leaving my place of residence to live my life as a transient for several months.  I will be couch surfing at many a friend’s house and though I expect I will have fairly consistent access to internet, I cannot be certain and it will be possible I will miss a post during that time period.

Finally, the last event of note is the thus far success of my crazy rpg project.  I have 21 players, most of which have different goals and aims, and though I would perhaps not have the time to run such a thing were I employed, currently does not restrict my free time all that much.  Their are things about the game that are taxing, mostly due to the extremely slow pace of play by post games, but the players seem to be enjoying it, and it gives me a chance to be creative multiple times a day, which is entertaining for me if nothing else.

As a final note, I feel that continued use of the post structure such as this kinda defeats the purpose of writing these things at all, so I will now restrict myself to a single pointless post per fortnight.  As such, the earliest you will see this style of post again is the 25th.


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