Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Log #4

There were a few different distinct adventures that I know occurred while the party was still hanging around on the island that they entered the dimension from.   I am not certain what order these adventures occurred in, so I will over the next few campaign logs simply tell a few different stories about a few different adventures that the party went upon during there stay. 

The first adventure I will describe had its roots in the changelings walk through the town in the guise of Tom.  Many different townsfolk approached him about solving many different problems, but one of the most notable was a man who kept jabbering about the seagulls and his son.  The party was intrigued by this combination and for at least a few sessions I would make some reference to the seagulls and this man’s son.  Eventually the party decided to investigate and discovered that the man owned a flock of seagulls that he would use to fish with, typing them with string sending them the two miles down to the ocean and then reeling them back in.  This was a tricky job, but it was helped by his son, who was a seagull whisperer, ie he could communicate with the seagulls.  A few days ago however his son had disappeared and he could be nowhere to be found.  After a little bit of investigation however the party soon found a mysterious portal and like and adventuring party worth their salt, hopped right in without a second thought.

When they appeared inside, they found themselves in a strange world.  Their were only three colors, and those colors each had only one shade.  They and the world they were in were composed entirely of white, black and blue.  They were also standing on a giant pillar above a vast ocean.  Their was a small rope bridge that extended out to another pillar beyond that one, which extended to another and so on.  When they walked to the next pillar, a small seagull told them to turn back.  They ignored this warning and had to fight a slightly larger seagull.  After dispatching it they traveled to the next, where after ignoring more advice about turning back they had to fight a few even large seagulls.  The next was similar except again, even larger.  The fourth one was when things got tricky, for they fought not just a larger seagull, but rather a seagull dragon, a firebreathing enormous seagull that was the only source of red coloring in the entire world.  It was a difficult fight, but they managed to defeat the seagull dragon as well. 

They made it to a house outside a giant palace and lodged with a seagull humanoid who explained that the kid had been stolen away by the seagull king.  They would have to face the fifth challenge in the morning and then fight the seagull king himself if they wanted to earn the kid back.  The party was quite happy to comply, and woke up in the morning to the fairly predictable realization that their host was challenge number five.  Though I had intended him to be difficult, he was a simple foe to defeat, and soon the party stood in the throne room of the seagull king himself.  A viscous fight ensued, followed up by a fantastic event in which the control of this dimension switched to the kid and he transformed the world from the simply colored world of the seagull king, to the full complexity of life an imagination that is a real world.  Leaving the kid a ruler of the seagull realm the party returned to get some minor reward from the kids father.  Some how there ended up being a bit of time travel involved in all of that, and one party member ended up stealing their own journal and replacing it with a copy that they had received from themselves after they had had the original stolen etc.  It resulted in a stable time loop with only a minor inconsistency in the case of a book that did not wear or tear even after having existed an infinite number of times, but it made me vow to never give the party time travel powers again.


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