Warning:  This post will have me saying that things that are difficult for some people are not actually difficult.  Depending upon your point of view, this makes me a jerk.  Read with caution.

There are a lot of things out there that people think or pretend are hard.   Writing a book, walking twenty miles, running every day, learning to draw etc, etc.  None of the things listed are actually difficult.  They simply require small amounts of effort over extended periods of time.   How do you write a book?  You write a piece of it every day.  How do you walk a great distance?  You walk part of the way, then the next part of the way.  When people say that they have a hard time doing these things, what they are really saying is that they have a hard time committing themselves to just doing small things repeatedly.  This is common for many people and so these things are considered difficult because a lot of people fail to do them.  If however they can do one little part of the problem then they can by extension do the entire thing, just by repeating that.  If you can write a sentence, then given enough time and effort, you can write a book.  Failing to write the book occurs because you choose not to, not because you can’t.  All of this is fairly mean sounding but I think fairly true.  At least for me, once I commit to something like writing a book or walking a distance I can’t quit, because if I do, I know it is because I choose to fail, not because I had to.  If more people understood this, I think more people might succeed at tasks like these.


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