Friendship is Magic

I am a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Depending upon who you are that may elicit anger, annoyance, enthusiasm, something akin to patriotism or possibly just confusion.  Many pages have been written about why the show is so enjoyable, and while defending my opinion on this subject is a mite bit silly, I am going to be extremely straight forward and simple in my explanation.

There are several reasons why I enjoy the show.  Its art style is pretty, the ponies and their world being something easy on the eye and enjoyable to look upon.  It has very strong character design, with each different pony in the world being very distinct and recognizable, each a character in and of itself.  It has clever writing: The scope and complexity of the problems that the group of characters in my little pony: friendship is magic solve through non violent measures and funky options is decently impressive and fun to watch.  The music is catchy and genuinely beautiful, its composer making sure to keep the songs easy to listen to, but still making them complex, new and good, in a near objective sense.  One of the main characters, Pinky Pie, has an incredible personality, which is a bit hard to explain quickly but is true on many levels.  Finely, the most important part, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is genuine in a way that few well written shows are.  It does not mock anything, instead trying to teach lessons about basic citizenship and the correct way to treat friends in a straightforward and classy manner.  Its straight up a show about the incredible magic that is friendship, and the many bounties that having a good group of friends can bring.  Having said my piece, I may reference My Little Pony again in the future, so understand that when I do so I am doing so in a completely straightforward way.  I like the show for itself, with no irony or subtle mocking involved.  It is a good show with nice simple moral messages and amazing, fun characters.


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