Dungeons & Dragons: Campaign Log 3

After the first party member stepped through the portal there was a fifteen minute delay before the next came through, then one minute, then a few seconds and then almost instantly.  It became fairly obvious fairly quickly that the two planes were becoming closer to each other in terms of time with each further passage, and that based on the relative waits, the dragon had come through like 40 years ago and the changelings brother like 2 years ago.  Their were five different portal stones in a rough circle, but only the one they came out of was active.  The party grouped up and explored the island for a bit.  They found a weird cave, fought some paper golems in the cave/dungeon and found a small green statue and some other random loot.  Then they found a town and were allowed to use the inn of the kindly innkeeper Tom.  It was at this point that they figured out that they were on a giant flying island.  The ocean was a good 2 miles down from the edge of the flying island.  They stayed the night at the inn and were woken up by the inn being attacked by sky pirates.  Tom hastily explained the situation, that the winged elves would raid towns since they could fly around.  Bows were taboo, as all of the winged elves would attack anyone who used any bows, but would not team up against those who defended themselves in other ways.  The party went to fight winged elves off near the forest, and partially through the fight a new party member arrived from the edge of the forest.  They were not sure if he was friend or foe, so I believe he got attacked a bit, but he helped them defeat the winged elves, so he was allowed into the party.

Amarakas:  Amarakas was an Aasimar Favored Soul, which basically meant that he was a weird version of a cleric who was descended from gods.  He came from Mulhurandi in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and had run away from home after having thought that a surprise birthday party was an assassination attempt.  He got himself chased by giant dire elepaphants and went through a portal from his world into the one with the floating islands.  He had grown up as a high ranking member of the priesthood.  Ended up being the closest thing this game had to a protagonist. 

After the sky pirates had been beaten, the party regrouped with Tom and ended up doing a series of quests around town.  They entered the sewers, saved a girl from a group of rats and found a dead kid in an empty room.  The changeling decided to try to impersonate Tom for a while and found walking anywhere at all an incredible chore, as the townspeople in general were almost completely dependent upon Tom for a variety of things.  This part of the game was a bit slow, as this was the first time people had missed sessions, and I didn’t want the group to leave the island until everyone was their.  Some of the more memorable adventures occurred on the island however and they will be recounted next time. 


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