Dungeons & Dragons: Campaign Log 2

All of the characters described in the previous post met in a bar, which is the iconic place for adventurers to meet in games such as this.  It started out fairly slow, with none of them having much reason to talk to each other or even acknowledge each others existence, but when one of the patrons picked a fight with the elf, the rest of the party quickly came to her aid and became fast friends.  They got some rooms together above the bar after agreeing to team up to protect a merchant caravan on its journey through a pass.  It was the next morning when the first combat of the game began, as the changeling’s personality changed when he was asleep, along with his appearance.  So the elf woke up, to find a naked person she had never met before standing in the middle of the room.  She responded as many adventurer’s would, and immediately pulled out her bow and shot him.  He tried to retaliate, but was shot with more arrows, until finally the paladin heard the commotion and put a stop too the fight.  None of the characters knew exactly what was going on with this random scary naked guy, but eventually they all got together and joined the merchant caravan.  As it so happened, this caravan already had as part of its protection, the next party member.

Rowan the Lucky:  A human bard who had had a very bad experience with elves and was in fact racist towards them.  Tended to be much more cowardly and less heroic than many of the other party members, but was ultimately one of the most interesting and integral characters in the campaign.

While Rowan didn’t really like the elf and the elf didn’t really like him, they all bonded over killing a group of evil giant ants, and Rowan joined the party.  They got the caravan where it needed to go and ended up fighting a larger group of ants along with some kobolds, who for those who don’t follow D&D, are small lizard men with a talent for trap-making.  The party ended up finding out that the tribe of giant ants would follow the scent of the ant corpses that they had taken with them, and cooked up a scheme to get the ants to wipe out the kobolds.  Meanwhile they all ended up travelling to the kobold village and hanging out their for a while, and the Ot got himself kidnapped by the kobolds some how.

The party ended up freeing him and being in the kobold caves when the kobolds where attacked by goblins, who in turn where attacked by the horde of giant ants that had finally followed the scent to the kobold village.  The crew ran deep into the kobold cave in order to not be consumed by ants.  They ended up entering a chamber that contained a magically dark corner of the room, a magical portal and a blue dragon.  The dragon was battled and the fight was not going well, until the elf managed to get a critical hit with her longbow, forcing the dragon to flee.  It ran into the portal, which, after a few experiments, apparently led to a world that moved faster in time then the one that they were currently in.  Deciding that they would rather face whatever happened to be on the other side of the portal then get eaten by ants, they all jumped through.  There was also something to do with an elf with a glowing spear opening the portal or something, but its been more than three years, and I don’t remember the details as well as I once did.


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