Warhammer 40k

In my new tradition of talking about stuff that really interests me at the moment, this post will be about the tabletop war game Warhammer 40k.  Its tag line, “In the grim darkness of the far future, their is only war” evokes the intended mood of the game.  While the game itself is a fairly straightforward combat game, with various types of units battling one another using a variety of weapons and vehicles, it is the lore of the game that is the most fascinating.  The word grimdark is an adjective meaning that a setting is dark, edgy or depressing in tone, and it was created from the tag line of the game and the general feeling of the setting itself. 

The game has many different factions that a player can choose from, with the most iconic being the Space Marines of the Imperium of Man.  The space marines are genetically engineered super soldiers that live for hundreds of years and train 20 hours a day to be better at killing the enemies of mankind.  Other forces include the Imperial Guard, who are the normal foot soldiers of the Imperium, the Sister’s of Battle, who are super zealous warrior nuns and the Grey Knights, special Space Marines with psychic powers that are specifically devoted to killing the Chaos Demons that are constantly trying to break into this dimension by using the misplaced faith of those that do not worship the God Emperor of Mankind.  Said God Emperor is the ultimate ruler of the Imperium of Man, but has been mostly dead for about 10,000 years, kept alive on his throne by the sacrifice of thousands of psychics a day, gathered from the billions of worlds that are part of the Imperium.  The Chaos Demons are a force you can play, along with their mortal champions, the Chaos Space Marines, corrupted super soldiers that have all the power and skill of a Space Marine, along with demonic gifts and magic swords and such.  In addition to these two large factions, their are the Orks, who are giant green warriors who’s weapons work because they think they do and grow from the spores left by dead orks, the Eldar, beings who have such strong emotions that they accidentally created one of the Chaos Gods by being too obsessed with physical pleases and now are willing to trade millions of enemy or ally lives in order to save a single one of their own species, the Dark Eldar, the less nice cousins of the Eldar who eat suffering and torment, and thus capture enemies solely for the purpose of torturing them to death and the Necrons, basically robotic zombies that want to exterminate all sentient life using the incredible technology of 100,000,000 years ago.  Even scarier than these enemies of the Imperium, are the fearsome Tyranid, a force of lizard bug things that are all part of a massive hive mind and are trying to eat the galaxy after having consumed every ounce of available energy in their previous galaxy.  Finally, their is the closest thing to a good guy race, the Tau, who are a young species, that want to convert everyone else to their special brand of space communism called “The Greater Good.”  Basically, their are enemies on every side for every race and nothing is ever hopeful or upbeat.  Even in the face of that however, every side keeps on fighting with a great deal of vigor and zeal.  I am afraid I have not done the game justice with my description, but I mostly wanted to get a basic description out their so that I could reference the game in the future and have my readers understand the basic idea of what I was talking about. 


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