Dungeons & Dragons: Campaign Log 1

One of the things that ended with my graduation from college was my weekly D&D game.  Excepting vacations, every Saturday for three years, I and several of my friends would gather together and participate in the collaborative storytelling known as tabletop role playing.  As I was the Dungeon Master, it was my job to craft the world that the other players explored and interacted with.  Creating and playing with the numerous characters that the players ran into was one of the most richly rewarding experiences I have ever had the pleasure of pursuing.  As the long tale has been played out, I figured it might be a fun idea to recount the many and various adventures that the players in my game participated in.  As the game took place over the course of hundreds of hours of game play, I expect this tale to take more than a single post.  I will intersperse other sorts of posts with the telling of this tale.  For today, let me introduce the characters in this tale.

Ot: Actually named 07, Ot was a changeling spell-thief, who had been experimented on as a child by a group of wizards interested in the psychological state of a formless being exposed to no external forms.  As it turns out, multiple personality disorder with different races connected to different personalities is the result.  His search for his brother Og(06) was a long running part of the campaign, that drove a decent bit of the story and ultimately came to a sort of anticlimactic conclusion.

Elf Chick:  Technically the elf of the party had a name, but it was something unpronouncably elven, so no one remembered it and everyone just called her elf.  Her back story had something to do with hating all humans for some sort of evil they committed.  Mainly an archer, her biggest contribution to the game was a good ways of, an event known to this day only as the equestrophy.

Mona: A constantly drunk halfling monk.  Other than trying to be drunk and generally having her gender confused because of the differing gender of the player, she didn’t do much to stand out for quite a while.  Would later gain a companion named Kana that helped pull her into the plot a bit more.

Cursed Jacklechild: A Paladin of Death.  A bald, scythe wielding paladin, who lived up to a very strange version of the typical paladin code.  He had a strong personality and his weird morals were a constant source of interesting interactions.

It was these four adventurers that started the game off, though they would soon be joined by two more, but I will describe each new character as they are introduced.  In the next campaign log I will tell of their cliche initial meeting, and the first battle of the game.


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