A Really Long Time

Greetings nonexistent readers.  It has been 3 years and 11 days since I last posted.  I no longer consider the word post to be inelegant, though blog is still less than appealing.  I have graduated from college, written four books, gained a significant other, made many friends, been to a few foreign countries, signed up for the peace corp and done many other things since the last time I posted on this site.  Looking back on the few sparse posts I had made in the past, I feel fairly old.  I apparently take myself a lot more seriously now, and part of the reason why I am posting once again is to get back some of my whimsical nature and poetical idiocy.  Additionally, I have felt the need to write for the last little while, and while NaNoWriMo is only a few short months away, I want to get started now, and write in a different sort of style than fiction.  As such my challenge to myself is to post one post per day, where day is defined as a sleep cycle, indefinitely, or at least until November, when I will be writing much more than a blog post per day and will likely not have time to do both.  Any day that I do not have access to a computer for the entirety of the day does not count.  With that in mind, expect me to be posting a large amount of random stuff on here for quite some time.  I suppose I will try to do some themed days of the week and such to provide myself a framework for my writing, but mostly it will just be whatever it is I feel like talking about at the moment.  As I would like this post to have some content besides my grandiose plans for this lackluster blog, the following will be a small piece on Russian Prison Tea.

Chifir is a drink that is primarily drunk in Russia, often by inmates of its prisons.  It is drunk because it is a legal alternative to the drugs and alcohol that are illegal within the prisons.  It is basically super concentrated tea.  Five or so teaspoons of tea are dropped into a pot of boiling water, and then the mixture is boiled for a further fifteen or so minutes.  Apparently the chemicals within tea leaves are quite different when boiled for fifteen minutes compared to simply being put in water that starts at a boiling temperature and rapidly cools.  It is supposed to be both incredibly caffeinated and incredibly bitter.  My attempt to make it was a failure however and I will have to try again, as what I drank was basically just extra strong tea.  More info when I have it.


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