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May 27, 2010

It is an odd quirk of human nature that they sometimes remember something out of the blue.  That one will remember after months or years that they once played an instrument in 6th grade, that the answer to the riddle was “spider” or any other number of strange ephemeral things.  It was in fact not through one of these strange memory hiccups that I ended up here and once again posting.  Rather it was through a different process involving searching my user name and rereading things I once wrote.  I have recently acquired a domain name and I was looking for a site that would allow me to make a website that I could connect to with my domain name.  In that effort I was searching for a particular site I once used but was unable to find.  Instead I found this site, which had been languishing unused for quite a while.  Unabashed I decided to jump back into the game.  Whether I shall once again disappear into the mists after only a few strange tlan remains to be seen, but I hope to make this place a habit.  Wish me luck.