Times such as These

Sitting in a dark room lit only by my laptop screen and the back lighting of my keyboard I type of the most wonderful night I had this day.  At 5:30 today after a somewhat average day of school I walked down the street to an apartment at which I was to play video games and have a fun time.  Both tasks set before me were accomplished this night.  I was the first visitor to enter the house of the kind couple who agreed to use there house as the location of our club gathering.  They made me feel very welcome and soon more people arrived.  For a little over 6 hours I played video games, watched anime, and talked to people who enjoyed these sorts of activities.  It was a joyous occasion and I was the last to leave just as I was the first to enter.  At the eve of the new day I took my leave of this friendly household and took to the dark alleyways that lead to my home.  While the air bit a little it was surprising that the night seemed warmer than the day.  My walk through the shadows of night was uneventful but peaceful and after 6 hours of uninterrupted fun-having it was a welcome relief.  It was with a touch of sadness however that I found my way back to my dorm room and entered.  I was sad that my time with these interesting engaging individuals was over.  I will see them again in not that many days but the feeling that I wanted to go home and have a similarly engaging individual awaiting me was strong.  I have a wonderful roommate but in general we have fairly different interests and just sort of greet each other in passing.  This sadness however is not a particularly harsh one however.  Someday I will have such an individual awaiting me at the end of a long day.  Or not who knows?


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