Therepy through Table Tennis

As one might notice if they compare the date of this tlan with the date’s of the previous ones I am a tad late in publishing this tlan.  As I had divined in my previous tlan this week was a busy one.  I had several quizzes a paper and hordes of homework.  And I didn’t have this Letern in which I could vent some steam and let loose some pressure upon my as of yet nonexistent audience.  Happily however I discovered another method of ending my woes and was soon in quiet a few games of ping pong.  For some reason I can not really explain Table Tennis makes me happy.  To an extent I get this same feeling from playing regular tennis and other net games.  Not having to run around and the sheer difficulty of hitting the small ping pong ball makes ping pong my favorite however.  I had not played the game in many a year until this week I did.  And so it was that I approached the small table with fear.  I whacked the ball and it flew far beyond the court of play.  Again I swung and again it fell just a hair beyond the edge.  It took me a while to master the swing that landed the ball upon the court but once I did it was quiet amazing what balls I was able to hit.  I never won a single game and yet a smile laid across my face.  The smile remained for quiet some time and I hope to play soon again.


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