For such is the life of a Scholar

With the ending of the weekend a new week dawns.  This new week I know to be filled with trials, tribulations, and quiet a bit of fun.  At the moment however all that I see before me is trials.  I am of that sad breed of men that goes by the name of procrastinator.  I hold off what I should do now in favor of what I wish to do now and often pay for the consequences.  Hence tonight.  The exact details of my particular tribulation is unnecessary but let it be known that learning languages past nine isn’t the best of plans.  Why am I telling all of you this?  There are like always many reasons for a single act.  Very rare is the act that was stimulated by a single purpose and not a dozen.  This act is not one such act.  It was stimulated for at least three reasons if not more.  First, and probably least important I felt the need to cry my harsh fate to the dark winds and let my trials be known.  Second and most important I wish to, if possible, prevent both myself and any who might stumble upon this tlan to think before acting in a procrastinator like manner.  Lastly I find the act of writing to ba a soothing experience and after the much discussed laceration of my soul I wanted to sooth and calm myself.  Effectively, do stuff now or you will regret it.


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